Feeling of Apprehension

Every once in a while, I get this feeling seemingly cast over me. It’s sort of a worry, tension, or anticipation all rolled into one. And more often than not, I don’t actually know the cause of it. As a result, I’m not sure how to solve the issue. This time, I’ve been taking an active look into what could possibly be the cause of this aura. I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few possible causes…

  • Work, while it hasn’t been overly trying, is still taking its toll on me. It doesn’t feel like much during the day, but I think over time, it’s been building up.
  • I constantly feel guilty looking at my inbox to see so many unanswered emails. It feels like friends are slipping away and I’m doing little to nothing to prevent that from happening.
  • Sleep has been a problem for me. I’ve tried going to be earlier to get more than my average 5-6 hours of shut-eye each night. It seems like my body doesn’t like the idea so much and I end up rolling around until past midnight every night anyways.
  • The term’s coming into its final stages, with little more than a month left. I’ve got this big idea for my work term report but unfortunately, it seems like the topic doesn’t lend well to BS. It’s going to be a long hard project and I’ve been reluctant to really get a start on it. So I worry about it, but I don’t want to start. What a predicament.
  • Oh, and of course, how could I not mention PDEng. More assignments. Hooray! 😐

I can do some stuff to lift some of the pressure. I fully intend to answer many, many emails sitting there waiting for me tonight. I’m also hoping to be in bed by 10PM tonight. Hopefully 8 hours of sleep will be good for the mind. PDEng I will probably get to tomorrow since it’s not due until Friday. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t procrastinate, but I look on every assignment with such weariness, I’m surprised I’m even going to do them two days before they’re due. As for the work term report, well… I guess I should really get to some reading on the topic. Hopefully, I won’t sound too clueless in the report.

I’m planning to hit up the local Chapters here in Waterloo. I want to pick up a book called Theatre of the Mind by Jay Ingram, the co-host of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet. I re-listened to the podcast on Quirks and Quarks of his interview and I’ve been itching to read it. It’s about consciousness and the mind. Sounds mighty interesting.


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