Fall of Summer

I think I’ve nailed down the date for some upcoming computer parts purchases. October 17th. That’s the date (rumoured) that ATI will be launching their X1950 Pro and it looks to be THE card for me to tide me over until the second generation Direct3D 10 parts arrive. I’ve put off this purchase for far too long already and at this rate, I’ll be getting my computer next year… RAM prices have been skyrocketing over the past few weeks so I’m going out tomorrow to grab the last pack of RAM that I could find at the low prices still. I definitely didn’t see this coming when I budgeted the computer a couple months ago.

It’s already officially fall and I can definitely feel it in the air. It was actually decently warm here today, but the past week has been relatively freezing. The nights and early mornings have dropped down to 7-10C and I think it’ll soon be time to upgrade the jacket. I’m definitely not looking forward to the snow that bound to come in a couple months. It seems like so recently that I was braving absolutely frigid temperatures during my co-op term in Waterloo.

I recently got my class ranking for the past semester. My goal was top 10 after I got my 16th rank last semester, but as the semester progressed, I had a feeling that wasn’t to be. As luck would have it, I just sneaked in at good ol’ number 10 out of 123. Seems like we lost about 20 people this semester. As well, I found out today that I’m actually on the Dean’s Honours list. That was quite surprising, considering my absolute mark wasn’t that good. Overall I’m a happy camper. Now, how shall I reward myself? 😛 Not too bad for an Islander eh? /end bragging mode…

Just prior to writing this post, I watched the season premier of The Office (US version). Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. The only bad thing about it is that I have to wait until next week to watch it… There’s something good about having multiple seasons saved up and watching it all in a row. It’s that instant gratification to know that you can watch episode after episode all in a row. It does prove to be detrimental to a person’s sleep regime though…

Okay, that’s all I’ll write for now. For some odd reason, Firefox has been acting up all day today, crashing all over the place and I’m a little scared it’s going to crash and erase everything I’ve written…


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