Fall Back

Yeah, it’s that time of year again when we switch the clocks back an hour to make the sun rise a little earlier and the nights come earlier. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been stuck at the office pretty late the past few days, it’s become quite the shock to walk outside to stars in the sky. I mean it was pitch black (aside from the numerous lights…). Well whatever, at least it’s much brighter when I make my way to the bus stop in the morning now. As well, the past couple days have also been extraordinarily warm here in the GTA. I’m certain it was almost 20C at some points during Monday. Today wasn’t bad either. If only this fall weren’t so messed up with the weather and all. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s been a wet and cold autumn.

So today was Halloween and we had a little meeting today at the office for my department. We didn’t really have much to discuss; the general manager gave us a little update on what was going on and congratulated us for a job well done over the past couple weeks. A bunch of them were dressed up. Some were wearing absolutely hilarious costumes: the GM was in an Incredibles bodysuit, one guy came as a Reggae guy (pardon my lack of political correctness) and one was a gangsta (ahem). Oh, there was a Listerine guy and another dressed up as a Treo. My boss made it known to the whole team that I, along with the other co-op, would be making a presentation at the next department meeting coming up in two weeks or so. That drew a couple incredulous looks. I can imagine why; we’re the first two co-ops to be hired by the department and I’m sure some are skeptical about what we could possibly accomplish. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. 😛

I’ve also added the Nokia N80 onto my list of potential cell phones to purchase. I’m mainly looking at the Wi-Fi and the aesthetics. Yes, that is a stainless steel faceplate. I’m still a sucker for slider phones. I think I like the black version more.

Nokia N80


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