Ethics Got The Best Of Me

Perhaps its the PDEng course paying off, but I’ve decided to ditch the big plan/idea I had. My idea was to design themes for WordPress based on various companies’ websites. My thought process back then was, they’ll probably never even notice and if they did, the most they’d probably do is send me an email saying “please shut this down” etc, etc. I had even finished a theme, but standing back and looking at it, I just couldn’t bring myself to release that publicly or use it myself. I had been planning something along the lines of CSS Zen Garden, where you have one template and you just switch the CSS styles to get a totally different look. And the whole pack would be a corporate themes pack. I had even chosen about 10 company websites which could have been turned into nice WordPress templates.

Not to worry however. I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with other ideas for themes.

I also discovered something during my romp through the corporate web-sphere. A lot of companies have ugly and disfunctional websites. I couldn’t believe it. I went through probably a hundred company sites in my quest for some good designs I could hack at and came out with less than 10. In this day and age where the internet is so prevalent in our everyday lives, I can’t imagine why these companies (I’m talking big corporations here) haven’t spent a couple thousand dollars for a nice website design. They say presentation is everything right? Web presentation should be just as important for these corporations.

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