Elation – Microsoft PM

It seems like when things go right, they really go right.

No point beating around the bush here, I received an offer for a PM position at Microsoft for the fall semester earlier today. Furthermore, I found out yesterday that I (finally) passed PDEng 55.

On my second attempt at a Microsoft position, I did a significant amount of preparation, which paid off in the best way possible. I have a call scheduled for Monday, when I’ll get a chance to ask some more questions and maybe speak with the team that I would be working with if I were to accept.

Funny thing is, I actually had a dream about receiving a call from Microsoft last night. In the dream, my interviewer called me to inform me of their decision, but for some reason, I couldn’t hear what he had to say. I was in agony over not knowing, despite being on the phone with the person who was telling me. That dream was the catalyst that made me inquire about my fortunes. I sent an email to Microsoft before heading off the class this morning.

I picked up the real call in the the Davis Centre library, around the tables where it’s quite noisy, and yep, I initially couldn’t hear what the HR contact I’d been communicating with was saying. Talk about semi-deja vu. But once the message got through to my brain, I spent the remainder of the call tripping over myself and thanking her profusely. It was probably embarrassing, but I was simply too happy to care.

The opportunity is still 5 months away, so it’s a bit premature to get overly excited now, but I’m already thinking about it. It’s only natural, I suppose. In the meantime, I’ll be preparing for the last two midterms on Tuesday and Wednesday. Focus!


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