Dell XPS M1330 – The Cursed Laptop

To put it mildly, my Dell XPS M1330 experience hasn’t been the smoothest. Starting with a ridiculous 6 week wait for the laptop to receiving one that wobbled with an uneven base, the M1330 certainly had a troubled birth. Then a couple months later, the original 6 cell battery already had a large amount of wear after very little use. While certainly a nice laptop, I don’t know if it was worth the trouble. And now, as I type away with a dead M1330 beside me, I’m definitely regretting my purchase.

Ever since posting a comment regarding my 2-days-out-of-warranty dead M1330 on August 12th, I’ve been in sporadic contact with a Dell community liaison representative, who promised to get me in touch with someone who could resolve the issue. Seeing as the 1 year warranty extension on my laptop wasn’t unofficially announced at Direct2Dell until August 18th, I didn’t have much choice but to go along at that point.

However, after hearing nothing back after almost a week, I decided to inquire with the representative about getting in contact with a support team that could help. Asking whether I should go through normal channels or wait for someone specific to contact, I was informed to wait to see who was assigned to the case.

Fast forward another week and at this point I decided that I had put my laptop’s fate in another person’s hands for long enough and called Dell technical support myself. Unfortunately, that did also not solve the problem at all. The XPS technician I spoke to knew nothing about a warranty extension and referred me to out-of-warranty service. Fair enough, so when I mentioned that Dell had indeed extended the warranty on my machine, I was transferred to Customer Care to confirm. Upon getting a representative on the line there, I was told that I could only purchase a warranty extension if I was still covered under warranty, despite me making it very clear that I was after a specific warranty extension offered by Dell for the GPU issue. Seeking some information about the Dell warranty extension for my model, I was transferred again… To technical support. I hung up at this point.

Now I understand that this is NVIDIA’s part that failed, but I bought it as part of a complete package and support must go through Dell. NVIDIA may be to blame for the hardware issue, but I’m placing the terrible service and general lack of knowledge of the situation squarely on Dell. Not only have I been without my laptop for the past 2 weeks, no one, and I really mean no one has been able to help me, despite indications on Direct2Dell otherwise.

The GPU problem along with the terrible service makes me regret recommending and helping two friends purchase Dell XPS laptops over the past 6 months. I would feel partly responsible to those people if something were to go wrong with those systems.


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  1. This even includes the XPS customer service phone lines? XPS customers are supposed to get “better” support and service. I guess see if you can climb the rungs of the hierarchy and get to an on-duty manager and see if they know? You can also try their live chat customer service and specifically forward them the Direct2Dell warranty extension page.

  2. That’s too bad. I was thinking about a new laptop, the M1330 specifically but after that it looks like I’ll be thinking twice. I don’t really know what my options are though…I’m even considering *gasp* a Mac.

  3. Yeah, the XPS team had no idea either. Neither did the Customer Care department that I was forwarded to. In the end, my contact was able to get me in touch with an escalations support rep, but it seems like they haven’t figured out the magical forward button on their email client, so I had to re-explain the whole problem (by forwarding the emails to the other person…:)

  4. Macbook Pros have the same problem with the same NVIDIA cards. Apple hasn’t extended a warranty nor have they at least given a band aid “fix” as Dell and HP have.

  5. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure Chuck was thinking about getting a new laptop as far back as last year, in which case the MacBook Pros were shipping with the ATI X1600.

  6. I am not recommending Dell to anyone anymore. My 1330, just got another dead pixel. I sent the laptop to the depot 2 months ago for a dead pixel on a monitor the technician replaced, and now got another one. The first monitor screwed up, the second monitor had several dead pixels and now the third monitor has 1 dead pixel, that is starting to become more visible. I am not sure what they expect; am I supposed to continuously send my laptop to the depot? Also, now that I am in England, I cannot fix this problem until I come back.

    Also, my sister’s laptop purchase has been anything but good. I purchased a 1330 for her as well, and got it on the 29th. However, just when I came home that day I found Dell is now selling the Inspiron 13, which we originally wanted. However, when I tried to explain it to customer service I want to return the laptop to purchase another one, they continuously transferred me and I tried talking to them for over 2 hours. In the end, the customer care office closed, and I could not call them again until Monday, which was too late, since I was leaving for England on the Saturday.

    Probably one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. The customer reps Dell use are another story. I had a problem with my Xbox 360 (GPU stopped working). I called Microsoft on the Wednesday, and my call was answered by a very knowledgeable person who obviously knew what she was talking about. I was able to explain my problem easily and I knew she was not following an instruction manual (Dell Reps have a hard time with this). I got a box on Friday, and a new 360 along with a free month to Xbox Live for my troubles on Wednesday. 7 day turnaround is amazing. I honestly expected 2-3 weeks looking back on my Dell experience.

    On the other hand, when I got back my laptop from Dell, it wasn’t even placed in a plastic wrap. Although some may argue that Microsoft is larger and Xbox is cheaper, it doesn’t mean customer service should take a hit; Microsoft also outsources to Bangalore. I was saying earlier how I tried to purchase a laptop over the phone a while ago, with Dell. The sales rep REFUSED to listen to what I had to say. I explained once that I already purchased a camera recently for $200. His response is that this camera is better. I said no thanks, and he is saying how the camera is so cheap and it is an amazing deal. Finally, he continuously talks preventing me from interrupting him telling me about all these other accessories I can purchase. To top it off, in the end when I said I would like to purchase the laptop and pay with my credit card, he refused. He tried to force me to take Dell Financing, saying I would not have to pay for 6 months, and I have very good credit and it is the best option for me. This lasted for 5 minutes, when I promptly hung up.

    The bottom line is Dell needs to outsource with another company in Bangalore.

  7. Dell is slowly loosing its market share in the home customer base. Not only XPS M1330, I frequently have problems with most of their notebook or Desktop solutions. HP is now a market leader in the hardware department.

    Good old days of Dell are now over….

  8. Just been speaking to Dell regarding the GPU failure on my M1330 notebook. They have advised that they have increased the Warranty to 5 years for this motherboard.

    You will have to wait approx 10 days as there is a world-wide shortage. But give them a call. What have you got to lose?

    XPS Premium Support is available 24×7. 0844 338 1888

  9. That’s too bad. Sorry to hear about all the mishaps. Well, even I have not had good time with Dell laptops. Not specifically the M1330 but a range of dell laptops. The battery life is so ridiculous the real mobility of the device has gone away. And not to mention the technical staff at Dell. They took almost 4 weeks to solve my issue. Hmmmm anyway, nice blog you got here. Cheers

  10. Yes, I completely agree with Sumit. Dell is slowly losing its edge over the other vendors in the market. I’ve been using Dell for quite sometime now but Dell products have degraded in many ways during the past few years. Its a sad story for such an awesome company.

  11. I to have given up on Dell, I had purchased my first laptop through them. When I went to purchase my second one, the represenative spoke English with a very heavy accent. I finally was able to get my order across, but when I had to verify my account I had to get him to repeat the questions several times, without any improvement. Since I was unable to correctly answer the verification question I wasn’t able to make the purchase.

    Keep in mind that I have traveled on 3 continents and am used to speaking to people with different language roots, but this was crazy intelligible.

    I ended up being so frustrated that I went down to a box store and paid a couple hundred dollars more… 😛

    Thankfully now I always have alternate computers I can use to make a order…

  12. I’ve heard lots of problems with Dell notebooks. I’m currently looking for a good noteboook. Even if i find a dell notebook with good specs for a cheap price, I will have to think twice about it. I will look for a good warranty when I buy a notebook.(at least 3 years)

  13. I have an XPS M1330. I too had the Nvidia chip fail. It was within warranty and Dell had a technician in my house to replace the motherboard within a couple of days of the hard failure. I had started a conversation with tech support about a week earlier. I’m not happy the Nvidia chip failed, but Dell handled quickly at no cost.

  14. My M1330 is out of warranty and of course the GPU is near death. There’s some mention above and on the Net of warranties being extended for this problem. I called Dell and spoke to their tech support department who of course has no clue whatsoever. Does anybody know anything about this supposed extension to cover the GPU problem?

  15. My NVIDIA graphics card died last year while my 1330 was still under warranty, and Dell replaced he motherboard and card. Now, 3 months out of warranty, it is starting to happen again! I have called Dell but they have referred me to the out of warranty dept. Is there any truth in a supposed extended warranty for this known issue?

  16. Grant and Brent, you can find details on the warranty extension for the NVIDIA GPU issue over at this article at Direct2Dell. Apparently, you can also log into your Dell account online and see what your warranty has been extended to. As a reference, the extended warranty does show up on my service page at Dell.

  17. Here lies another victim and like many before me will never recommend DELL to anyone. I initially bought on recommendations from review sites but as with everything new to the market there is no history and what a wonderful thing hind sight is. I was in the very fortunate position to be able to replace this unit but feel so sorry for others less fortunate, its a pity that DELL couldn’t just do the decent thing and issue a recall. Markets can so easily be lost these days due to the power of the internet chat rooms and forums maybe DELL should waken up and realise this, oh, and if your reading this Mr or Mrs DELL I bought TOSHIBA.

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