Dell XPS M1330 – Review

Well my promised review of the Dell XPS M1330 has been posted over at Notebook Review. Hopefully you find it a good read. I figured it would get much more exposure and as a result help out more people if I posted it over there. I put a lot of effort into it to make it as impartial and informative as I could. Clearly, my enthusiasm wasn’t able to be completely contained.

Enthusiasm indeed. After waiting for over a month, I was in absolute shock to see my order status change from something other than the dreaded ‘In Production’. When I finally held the box in my hands, I thought I was going to die from excitement. Let me go over some of the more interesting points of the review I want to touch on.

Most important thing first – build quality. In terms of the actual materials used, the M1330 is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately, that’s let down by manufacturing issues. The laptop doesn’t sit flat on a desk (it wobbles) and is exacerbated by the 9 cell extended battery. Additionally, the beautiful brushed aluminum palm rest is starting to separate from the chassis base at the bottom right corner. These problems turn what is an amazing laptop into one necessitating an exchange. Dell has already set up a replacement system to be built and sent to me while I use the existing one.

Intended to be used in every day classes at university and bringing to work on co-op, if necessary, I wanted something light but also with enough battery life that I wouldn’t be afraid of running out of power. I had also considered the ASUS W7S and the Lenovo Thinkpad T61, but the relatively short battery life was a major reason for crossing them off my list. I’m glad I went with the M1330. I am absolutely floored by the battery life of this laptop. Power consumption is ridiculously low for something this powerful. As I’ve stated in the full review, at 6/8 on the brightness levels and idle, this laptop only consumes around 12.5W. Over 3.5 hours is easily achieved with the 6 cell battery. The 9 cell pushes that to 5.5 hours.

What can I say, the XPS M1330 is a fantastic looking laptop and once I get a replacement without the fit and finish problems, I’ll be damn happy, especially for the price I paid.

I’ve also posted the photos here, but on the second page so that it doesn’t completely eat my bandwidth.


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  1. Hi

    I’ve read your review on NBR, good job!

    I’ve one question about the remote control, is it possible to use the it for powerpoint-presentations?

  2. Thanks!

    The remote works perfectly for PowerPoint. But because it’s IR, you have to have direct line of sight. I tested it up to around 10 feet and it was very responsive.

  3. The charger you picktured is that the standard charger that comes with the laptop or is it the thin one offered by Dell for $65 extra?

  4. I’m still waiting for mine to come but thanks for your review and the great pictures! Is that the 6cell and 9cell battery displayed in one of the pictures? Do you have any experiences regarding the battery live with these?

  5. All the photos shown here are with the 6 cell battery. Take a look at my review (linked in the post) for some very detailed battery life tests. Hopefully that helps.

  6. Yep, there’s a switch for WLAN as well as whatever other wireless cards you set up in the QuickSet application. The Wifi Catcher toggle’s there as well.

  7. I just received my m1300. I don’t think my wifi catcher is working properly. Sometimes, when I know that I am in a wifi hotspot, when I check my wifi catcher, it will only flash one blue led light momentarily. That’s it. It won’t do it anymore.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  8. I have a M1330 featuring T7300 and X1300. It seems that Intel Dynamic Acceleration never kicks in. From your pics I see that is not your case. In what circumstances you recorded that FSB rise? (it seems that even in spi considering your time for 2M)

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