Dell XPS M1330 – Perfection

It may have taken a little longer than I’d hoped, but I believe I now have a perfect Dell XPS M1330! The last change was to swap the the displays between the original and replacement M1330. I also had the hard drives swapped, which was a nice touch, since I won’t have to go reinstalling all my programs and setting up Vista the way I want it.

There is no wobble with either the 6 cell or 9 cell battery. There’s no detaching palm rest. Brightness and viewing angles of the display are amazing. The replacement’s DVD drive is even quieter than the original. It just doesn’t get much better than this. I was even able to keep the extra AC adapter, so that I have a spare. Now there’s no need to carry the adapter back and forth from university and home either, which is a bonus.

I can now confidently say that this is the perfect system for my needs. I no longer hesitate when trying to decide whether to take this laptop on the go. It’s a definitive yes. No worrying about battery life, size or weight. It’s truly a laptop. It feels so much more natural to carry around than the 15.4″ I had previously. I can hardly wait to try it out in its intended environment, university. Hopefully I can improve productivity in class as well, as opposed to scrawling notes down on a notepad. I’ll have to watch that I don’t get distracted by the wonderful Internet though.


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  1. I read your review on notebook review and really appreciate your honesty. I too, am a customer that has waited a month for my xps m1330 and am at my wits end. The computer finally shipped, but as I should have expected, the shipping type was incorrect. Instead of having to wait one more day for my computer, I’ll have to wait another six. I was literally on the phone with a rep today about to cancel, and decided to stick it out. I’ve waited this long, I might as well wait another week. I hope I am as pleased with the system as you are.

  2. UPDATE…i received it, finally, and am glad i hung in there. I do have one question though…I ran belarc to make sure that I have all of the components I ordered…i opted for the slim monitor but short of measuring it, i cant figure out how to tell if that’s what i received…any ideas?

  3. I’d take a look at Device Manager.

    Device Manager -> Monitors -> Generic PnP -> Properties -> Details -> Hardware IDs (dropdown list)

    If it reads CMO1309 or LCDxxxx you’ve got the LED backlit display (Chi Mei Optoelectronics and Toshiba-Matshushita Display respectively). I believe Dell is using AUO displays for the thicker CCFL versions, so make certain you don’t have that one.

    Physically, the CCFL version’s lid should be about as thick as the bottom chassis at the front while the LED version is much thinner.

  4. Hi Charlie,

    can you please do me a favour and tell me if you have the Chi Mei or the Toshiba-Matsushita display? Also, how did you come to keep the spare adapter?

    I am asking because my m1330 had a humming screen; Dell replaced that screen and what I got was a much inferior quality screen (Chi Mei), which is notoriusly flickering at the lowest brightness level, has bad viewing angles and a red-coloured touch to all images. After replacing the display the second time they decided to send me a replacement unit.
    Thank you!

  5. My replacement system came with the Toshiba-Matsushita display instead of the CMO of the original and I preferred the CMO. It had better viewing angles and it also looked brighter. I had a tech come to swap the display modules for me.

    My replacement system came with all the accessories and the manager I worked with offered to let me keep the extra adapter. I feel if you make you case, you should be able to keep the adapter as well. I doubt they sell them again anyways.

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