Dell XPS M1330 Ordered

I just ordered a new Dell XPS M1330 this evening. I’ve been on the lookout for a new laptop for a little while now and initially had my sights set on either the XPS M1210 or the Latitude D630. However, I heard rumors (and saw blurry pictures) of a very nice 13.3″ laptop coming out of Dell and decided to wait. I’m glad I did and the moment I saw it (and the not sky-high price tag) I made my choice.

Dell XPS M1330
Dell XPS M1330 Media keys

I also received a 15% discount coupon from Dell – unfortunately, I wasn’t able to combine that with the EPP discount that I get through Sybase. Since the 15% coupon was better than the EPP discount, I went with that instead. Here’s what I ended up getting. I didn’t expect to spend this much on a laptop at first (just something relatively cheap to complement my desktop).

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 1.8GHz 2MB L2
  • Tuxedo Black
  • 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 667
  • 13.3″ LED backlit display
  • 128MB NVIDIA Go 8400M GS
  • 120GB SATA 5400RPM HD
  • 8X DVD+-RW Slot load
  • Intel 3945abg wireless (no Intel wireless-n in Canada)
  • 4 cell and 9 cell batteries
  • Fingerprint Reader
Dell XPS M1330

I’m excited to get it – the sales rep told me it should take only 10 days or so, but my order confirmation email states an estimated ship date of August 22nd… That’s quite a wait I’m in for.


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  1. Haha, not so much paranoia as convenience. That way I won’t have to keep typing in these damn passwords. 😛

  2. Could you tell me how to get the 15% discount coupon? Call dell rep?
    Is there any condition to get the coupon? Like a configuration higher than a certain money is needed.


  3. Sorry, that 15% discount coupon was from a special promotion at Dell Canada – the mystery coupon promotion. The M1330 was pulled from that promotion before the promotion even expired.

    Your best chances for a discount would be to see if you qualify for either an educational one or EPP (Employer Purchasing Plans). Otherwise, there are often coupons floating around, if you check out some of the deal sites like SlickDeals, etc.

  4. I am getting the same machine from my company. I have been looking and waiting for a lightweight and thin machine because I travel quite a bit. Can you tell me what lead you to go for the LED lit background? I am working on the options and I have chosen the 2GB RAM. I do not know if I need the better video driver or not. I appreciate your inputs.

  5. The LED backlit display is going to shave off about 5mm thickness as well as almost a third of a pound. Putting that in perspective, that’s around 7% of the weight of the laptop. In addition, it will be brighter, produce better colors and hopefully reduce battery usage somewhat.

    The 2GB of RAM is definitely a necessary upgrade. As for the video card, it depends on what applications you’ll be using. If you don’t game or do much in the way of graphically intensive applications (CAD, 3D modeling, etc) I’d ditch the dedicated graphics and gain the extra battery life instead.

  6. Hi, I don’t know if you will be able to respond to this comment because it is so long after your original post. However, I wanted to ask two things. First, is there a special wireless n that is needed in Canada as they do offer n on this laptop’s options on Second, the led screen is not on’s options for this laptop, why do they keep changing these things? I wonder if I can order from the US? Anyway, if you have any comments I would love them. I am very glad you have this blog, it has been very informative and useful for me, thanks, Yasmine!

  7. Hey Yasmine, there’s no specific wireless n card that’s needed in Canada. We use the same frequencies as in the United States. The Dell 1505 or the Intel 4965agn will work fine.

    As for the lack of an LED panel option, I’m not certain what’s going on there. Unfortunately, you cannot order from the United States. I’d call Dell up and ask if they can add it to your order – the CSRs sometimes have more options than you can find on the website self-configurator. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi, thanks so much for replying, I appreciate your time. And thanks for your information. Dell is so weird. First, you did not find the n wireless on but then it shows up; the reverse for the led panel (which, by the way, was $150 more according to a post on a forum, but is now $300 more on Anyway, I have been told that it is worth going through the CSRs because they can give me a bit of a deal so that was what I was planning to do regardless; hopefully they have more options. I wonder if they have boxing day sales :). Again, thanks for your time and information, Yasmine

  9. I got your site through Scott Kuo, since he realized my laptop purchasing dilemma was very similar to yours. He was trying to persuade me towards the T61 side, while I myself am considering the XPS 1330.

    Just read the last couple comments, I would like to offer my experiences attempting to order from Dell. I inquired as to why there’s no LED backlight available for the monitor and their explanation was that customers who ordered it experienced a delay in shipping and were disgruntled, so they decided to remove the feature altogether. This is total crap because I was able to talk to a Dell USA CSR and they were able to quote me a build and ship time to a US address for 10-12 business days. The delays were simply growing pains and I fail to see how that is justification for completely omitting this from Dell Canada’s website.

    Either way, I will probably be purchasing 1330 with the CCFL (barf). I was wondering how much battery life you’re able to squeeze out of the 4-cell? I’ve been debating back and forth between only a 9-cell, only a 6-cell, those two batteries together, and now after reading your post, a 4-cell and 9-cell. When do you see yourself using that 9-cell? Anything you would change from your order in retrospect?

  10. I just want to start by saying I absolutely believe I made the right choice with the M1330. So if that’s all you were looking for, you can stop reading now. 😉

    Even after speaking with the CSRs, you couldn’t get them to manually add the LED panel? In my opinion, that’s a big part of what makes this laptop – it trims both the weight and size down a bit and improves battery life.

    Speaking of battery life, I’d definitely go for the 6 + 9 cell combo (while I ordered the 4 + 9 cell, Dell actually gave me a 6 + 9 cell, which is what I wanted, but wasn’t available at the time. Apparently the NVIDIA graphics automatically bumped me up to the 6 cell). It’s the same price as the 4 + 9 cell and the 6 cell will give you around 1.5X the battery life (something like 1.51X in terms of mWhrs). Browsing the internet, writing documents with the screen at 6/8 brightness (quite bright) nets 3:30 to 4 hours with the 6 cell. So dropping down to the 4 cell would probably only get you 2 to 2:30 of battery life. It’s definitely not worth it for the 0.2lbs or so less weight. Neither of those stick out the back so you needn’t worry about that.

    I mostly use the 6 cell when I have only the 3 hours of morning classes. Sometimes when I’m planning on staying through lunch to go to the afternoon labs early, I’ll use the 9 cell instead – that lasts close to 6 hours of solid work, so is easily enough. It’s just nice to have that cushion of battery life. When we’re working at the library and I see everyone reaching for their power plugs, it’s nice to know I could be there for half the day and not have to worry about running out of power.

    There isn’t really anything I’d change from my order – although Bluetooth seems to be quite useful. I’ll probably end up buying the little card from Dell for ~$20. I didn’t at the time because it was priced at $60 or something ridiculous and added a few weeks to the already lengthy delay. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  11. Even after speaking to the CSRs they wouldn’t budge. I suppose the parts are only available in the States and there are just none available in Canada. It’s rather ridiculous since just about every other country I’ve looked has that option. It’s still rather pricey at $300 extra in the States, but I’d pay for it. I suppose I can try again tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the insight into this laptop. 🙂

  12. Hi, to all wanting an led screen in Canada, I found that going through Dell kisoks worked for me. There was one close to me. Try seeing if you can get your local kiosk to help and if not, post here again and I will see if I can get you in touch with my kiosk. I have a question, would you rather 1.5 ghz processor and 8400 graphics or 2 ghz processor and integrated graphics? The only graphic intensive stuff I might do is some light duty video editing (editing commercials out of tv shows, lol). Thanks for all comments, Yasmine

  13. If that’s all the graphics work you do, definitely go for the faster processor and integrated video. It’ll provide better battery life and the integrated video will be enough for video editing (which is more a CPU thing these days).

    Thanks for the tip on the LED display – a friend was disappointed he couldn’t get the LED panel with the M1330 so I’ll point him to a kiosk.

  14. Howdy Folks,
    I was ticked when I couldn’t order the LED panel up here in Canada but found this excellent reseller online. I received the following fully loaded M1330 for $2100 (US) two weeks ago when our Cdn $ was up at 1.08 US :o)
    NEW DELL XPS M1330 2.2GHZ CPU 4GB RAM 160GB 7200RPM
    You can find him at; and I just noticed he’s selling it at $2049…

    Initially I was sceptic but I have a great CIBC platium Visa card and have used it before when a seller ripped me off for 2x 00GB hard drives on Ebay. PayPal was usless but my Visa folks reversed the charges and I had the money back in my acount within 12 hrs of reporting to CIBC.

    Finally the laptop came with a 3 year 24/7 in house warrenty and he (Brian) did all the work and transfered everything over to Canada. AWESOME seller!

    Please don’t hesitate to email him at his site if you have any questions, and tell him Major Chuck from Victoria sent ya, you will not be sorry.

    Oh yeah, out of the 3 other laptops I have all Toshiba’s, this is one smoke’n machine.

    Chuck G.

  15. Thanks for all the above info!!
    I am seriously considering the M1330. I am not to up to date on my computer stuff, so I was looking for some advice.
    All I want this laptop for is in class excel models, the usuall homework load on excel,word, ppt, and access. I will keep most of my work on my desktop at home. As far as memeory, I dont see a need for alot of it. No pics, or video storage. However,One thing I hate is a slow computer.
    Could I get away with the base model with no upgrades? if not, what upgrades should I get?

  16. The bas model should do fine, although I’d strongly consider the upgrade to 2GB of RAM – Vista does take up quite a bit of resources and 2GB will go a long way to improving system responsiveness. Aside from that, it’ll handle what you plan on doing with ease.

  17. Thanks again!!
    What is the deal with no LCD screens in Canada right now?? Not impressed!
    Does anyone know if this is permenant or temporary (out of stock)?

  18. I’m sure it’s temporary as other locations do have the option; however, as far as I know, there’s no ETA on the LED panels at Dell Canada. Some people have had some luck by talking to CSRs/kiosk reps. If you’re really keen on it, you could give that a try.

  19. Just to double check something… Charlie, you said none of the batteries stick out?

    meaning neither the 6 cell or 9 cell battery sticks out?? Thats quite astonishing… cause i can honestly say… laptops with batteries sticking out a bit too far, i’ve crossed them out of my list.. and i really don’t want to cross the M1330 off my list =

  20. Just to let everyone know, the led option is back up on the Canadian website for $150. Who knows what happened but there it is!

  21. Slavko – A friend forwarded me that link yesterday too. Prices sure have come a long way since I picked it up, oh a bit more than half a year ago.

    Any word on some more Penryn choices? It seems like depending on the starting configuration, only the T9300 or the T9500 are available.

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