Dell XPS M1330 – Initial Thoughts

Yes, after a rather lengthy wait, I finally have the Dell XPS M1330 in my hands. I’m putting it through its paces right now. My initial thought after pulling it out from the included XPS laptop sleeve was a big W-O-W. This is one sleek laptop. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of it, but holding it in your hands and seeing it with your own eyes is something else completely. I am very impressed by the design.

The laptop is light. Perhaps it’s because I was used to the almost 7lb weight of my previous laptop, the ASUS Z71V, but I’m very glad I went with a smaller form factor for this laptop. It’s going to be so much easier to carry around the laptop now. It’s also quite thin. The LED backlit panel helps that by shaving off 3mm of thickness compared to the CCFL backlit version.

Aside from the design and size, the most impressive part of this laptop has to be the display. It is gorgeous. At the highest brightness setting, it easily outshines my desktop LG L204WT. I wasn’t too sure about the glossy finish when I ordered, but it makes colors pop. The horizontal viewing angles are also very impressive, far better than any laptop display I’ve seen. Battery life is long – around 3:30 for web browsing and document work with the 6 cell.

Unfortunately, the laptop isn’t without faults. The 9 cell battery that I ordered does not sit flush on the desk. The three rubber feet on the bottom don’t all come in contact with the surface of the desk, so the whole laptop wobbles quite a bit when that battery is use. I’ve already set up an exchange for that. Additionally, with the 6 cell battery, the notebook still wobbles a bit, although far less than with the 9 cell. I’m still trying to nail down the cause; the battery feet looks fine so I think it may be that the feet on the bottom on the laptop itself are uneven. It’ll sure be a bummer to have to get a replacement, but I’m not willing to deal with wobbles when I’m trying to type on it.


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  1. I got my xps with the 6 cell battery last night. just moments ago, I realized there is some pretty noticeable wobbleage going on. How did you set up a replacement?

  2. I’m going to order this laptop, this wobble alarms me,

    What is the wobble? IE how does it wobble

    Could you replace the rubber feet or is the laptop buckled.

  3. The wobble results from a warped base. I’m not sure if you can replace the feet, but I doubt it’d do much good since the entire thing isn’t level. I believe the problem has been since corrected though.

  4. Nah, it’s not necessary. Li-Ion batteries aren’t like the old Ni-Cads that had memory. It still doesn’t hurt to charge and discharge it a couple times to properly calibrate the battery meter though.

  5. Do you find that it takes an awfully long time to charge? I have a 9 cell battery and it takes almost 6 hours to charge. That’s pretty crazy to me. My old Dell m710 took only about 3 hours to charge a 9 cell battery.

  6. how is your xps working? i’m seriously considering buying it but i’ve heard sooo many problems with warped cases. that wouldn’t be so bad but they say that dell customer service is so terrible that it’s impossible to get a hold of somebody and takes weeks to fix.
    and one other oncern i have is vista. i’m 100% xp. have you tried to run xp on it yet? or do you know anybody that has?

  7. mac user seriously thinking about buying this for games use and for running 3ds Max mainly for use on long flights, any thoughts or advice? (as im new to the pc world and this will be my first pc laptop purchase)

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