Dell Made Me ‘Famous’

Well, let me qualify ‘famous’. One of my comments at the Direct2Dell was published by ComputerWorld in an article on Dell’s XPS M1330 delays. If you’re interested in inflating my ego, go take a look – it’s near the middle of the second page. I was quite surprised when I read it. I happened to follow a link to that ComputerWorld article earlier today and lo-and-behold, my words were imprinted there.

Despite the frustration I’ve felt throughout the process of ordering and waiting for the M1330, I can’t neglect mentioning that I’ve received wonderful service and support from some Dell employees. I can say confidently that without their help and reassurance, I would have canceled my order long ago. The fact that they put so much effort into helping a single customer, not even a business customer, is quite commendable. I’m sure the blog had something to do with it though. 😉

I’ve been told that my system is in the final stages of production, getting the final touches completed before it ships out. It shouldn’t be long now. The excitement builds… It’d better be worth the wait.


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