Defective Samsung YP-P2?

I get the feeling that my newly purchased Samsung P2 8GB MP3 player is defective. Something this new (not even 2 weeks old) shouldn’t be flaking out.

A few days ago, I turned on the player and was greeted by a completely garbled screen. No amount of touches or blind navigation through menus fixed it. I did a soft reset, using the power button. Upon reboot, the user interface looked fine again. I chalked it up to a one time thing. But perhaps I shouldn’t have.

I then started to notice that album art was being swapped – as in art for one album was appearing for another. I chalked that up to improper tagging or possibly a bad sync, but maybe it points to some form of memory/database corruption?

The deal-breaker occurred a couple hours ago. I was in the middle of switching songs when the touchscreen all of a sudden became non-responsive. The music was kept playing. No presses on the screen did anything. Attempting to reboot the device using the power button was also futile. None of the hardware keys registered. I had to resort to a hardware reset, using the little pinhole button on the back of the device. After the reset, the player was back to working order.

Regardless, this thing’s going back to Futureshop for a replacement. Luckily, I’m well within the 30 days that Futureshop covers, so it should be a quick 5 minute exchange. I haven’t heard anything about defective Samsung P2’s so I’m hoping mine’s the exception and not the rule. I really do like the device.


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  1. Well, the player was updated with the newest firmware before the problems started happening – so if anything, the firmware could have caused them.

    I’ve gotten an exchange from Futureshop – the new player seems to be a newer revision – slightly different sticker on the display and newer firmware (than what my previous one shipped with).

  2. “I then started to notice that album art was being swapped – as in art for one album was appearing for another. I chalked that up to improper tagging or possibly a bad sync, but maybe it points to some form of memory/database corruption?”

    That alone says you know little about computers and their workings. EVERYONE knows that everything related to the particular song is stored within the file. They’re known most commonly as ID3 tags for MP3 format files, although other formats such as WMV/WMA are a little more complex. See; for more details.

  3. Why thank you, Tom, for your eloquent comment…

    Of course I understand that album art may be embedded in ID3 tags; however, when that is not found, the player can look for album art stored within the folder. In addition, if the database was indeed becoming corrupted, I see no reason why the ID3 tag couldn’t become corrupt as well.

    If you’d like to question my knowledge of computers, by all means, ask away. No need to get personal.

  4. Hmmm, I’ve heard a couple p2 horror stories now…personally, I can’t say anything bad about it. I’ve had mine (wine red 4GB) for just over 4 months, and not a single problem, glitch, etc.
    Seems like most of the problems happened with the models released in the first month, probably due to Samsung rushing it out in time for Christmas. Only thing that continually pisses me off is the lack of protective options (cases, screen films)…and why can’t I get the p2 Crystal Case anywhere in Canada?!?!?!

  5. Grekko – My second Samsung P2 has been completely problem-free, so I’ll chalk the first one up to a random defect. I haven’t heard many problems with them recently.

    I’ve sort of accepted the fact that there just aren’t any slim cases for the P2 in Canada. I’m actually using an old sleeve for a BenQ laptop mouse to transport it.

  6. I got the P2 and i just downloaded all the new firmware update, and now it is stuck on one album and when i try to get back to the menu screen i cant it will only go back so far, and then it says that there is no music on it, and if freezes my pc every time i plug it in, and also how do you reset it, i pushed the reset button and it does nothing

  7. I bought maine a few weeks ago. The same problem with freezing device. Even to turn off is impossible. I really need to push the reset button….mmmm
    I will check here with Samsung Portugal

  8. i have a samsung p2 also, when pluged into my laptop it charges and says on the mp3 screen ‘USB connected’ but on my samsung studio it doesn’t show up i have tried reinstalling samsung studio but it doesn’t work, i dont understand ?. My p2 turns on and i can listen to music so it works, but i am wanting to put new songs and pictures on it but it wont connect to my laptop it doesnt even show in my computer even thou its charging ? i am gettin anoyied i hav tried everything can enyone help ?????


  9. Could be something to do with the driver…a while back I installed Emodio over my Samsung Media Studio and everything went to shit from there. Driver malfunctions so it wouldn’t recognize it half the time, couldn’t find it registering when I opened up “My Computer”. Eventually I tried to uninstall Emodio and just go back to SMS, but I didn’t have the disk that came with it and SMS wasn’t available for online download anywhere, so I had to go back with Emodio. Same problem again, as it seems that when you download Emodio it doesn’t include the proper drivers, affecting how it interacts with your computer. I know the original disk with SMS has the correct drivers on it, so if you’re using that I’m not sure why you’d be having problems. Long story short, I use Windows Media Player to put music on and off my P2, it works just fine and uses a lot less CPU to run it.

  10. Has anyone had trouble using headphones other than what comes with the P2?

    I have tried Sony and Panasonic and Shure. They all sound tunny with no bass at all. I only get good sound with the phones from Samsung. The ear bud type of phone keep falling out of my ear so I wanted to get an over the ear phone. So far no luck.
    Thanks for any constructive input

  11. Dude…mine froze with a black screen..tried doing a soft reset but nothing…then after reading your post I saw that there is a reset button !!!! This brought my MP3 player back to life…thanks dude…

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