Deal: Olympus E-410 Dual Lens Kit – $399

Due to the sharp decrease in the value of the Canadian dollar in recent months, many electronics have been trending upwards in price, including digital SLRs. As a result, it’s extra nice to see that the low-end DSLR market still exposes some good deals.

Future Shop has the Olympus E-410 dual lens kit on sale this week for $399. The coming on 2 years old E-410 is one of the smallest DSLR’s available (along with its updated version, E-420) and the included 14-42mm and 40-150mm lenses give a beginner just about all that’s necessary.

Image quality is good, given the 4/3rds sensor and budget orientation of the camera. Autofocus is somewhat limited by the 3 focus points (on par with the D40/60), but it can shoot at 3 FPS up to an unlimited number of JPEGs. There’s no in-body stabilization like with the E-5xx series and stabilized lenses are few and far between.

Overall, it’s a good deal, considering the price structure of the entry-level DSLR market. D40 18-55mm kits range around $500 and Canon XS kits typically start at $600. A two lens kit DSLR for $399 is a compelling buy for a beginner.


5 Replies to “Deal: Olympus E-410 Dual Lens Kit – $399”

  1. They had a similar deal (if not the same deal, too lazy to go backtracking through my tweets at around Boxing Day) before, and I was tempted to buy it at that time. Anything these days would be an improvement to my aging Digital Rebel, and with two very versatile lenses and diminutive size, would make the perfect vacation travel pair. I wonder if I could talk down the FS sales people even more… $350 would be a sweet spot.

  2. Yeah, I was considering picking this up, selling off the lenses and grabbing a 25mm pancake for a pretty sweet IQ walk-about camera. It’s almost getting to that price range, but I think I’ll wait for the Panasonic LX-3 to drop to a more reasonable price and grab that instead.

    I know Future Shop is commission-based, but I’d think $50 would be a pretty large gap on a $400 item to talk them down.

    I thought you were holding out for a full-frame Canon, a la 5D (Mk2 perhaps?). You do have some investment in the Canon system don’t you?

  3. Haha, I was just looking at this, I really, really want to get it. Particularly since I’ll be traveling this summer. Unfortunately there is the $3.95 bank account balance standing in my way. My credit card is calling my name, and my photography lessons would surely benefit…..

  4. Yeah… 5DII was in the sights, though I want to secure a full-time job (and possibly waiting for some rebates) before I pick it up. I have the money, just not the financial security. I’d probably pick up a 580EXII in the mean time… or just wait for what comes out from the PMAs in terms of flash units.

  5. Nick – You know, your birthday’s not too far away. Perhaps I can help you swing something… especially since I’ve missed far too many birthdays to be simply apologetic at this point. You’re taking photography lessons eh?

    Richard – I’m sorry to hear about the Microsoft stuff not working out. As for the 5DII, it probably wouldn’t stop at the body. I’d imagine there would be a whole set of full-frame L lenses to go along with it, ain’t that right? šŸ™‚

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