Days Long Gone

Now this could be a post about the days back on PEI. But it’s not. It’s about my addiction. UT that is. Today I happened to wander back to the forums of my old clan, High Performance Gamers (HPG). I looked through the memberslist and wow, did that every bring back a flood of memories from back one or two years ago. I still remember when I became the first member of that clan. It was quite the feeling as I was pretty anxious to get into a clan. I started reading some of the posts of when we first started and damn I was such a n00b to the game back then. I had posted multiple screenshots of games I had won against other people, quick to brag and boast. It’s not the same anymore. I’ve become quite a bit more laid back, just playing to have fun. Back then it was like a competition all the time for me. I felt like I knew everyone on our team. I know that’s creepy and weird since it’s all over the internet, but nonetheless, the community was pretty tight.

Which is why I’m really glad some of us are getting back into it. There are a lot of people I would love to see around, but real life priorities obviously should take priority over a game. But still, it’s sad to not have talked to those people in a long time. I actually still have them on my AOL instant messenger thing, but I rarely use AIM and thus haven’t had a chance to speak with them. Maybe I’ll have to use that more. In any case, we’ve got a match or sorts tonight. We’re trying to start up the Bombing Run community for good this time. I hope it succeeds and perhaps some people will appear out of the woodwork. A few have already.

On a separate note, we built our second shelf today. It’s a bit fancier than our first one but took substantially less time. My parents are getting ambitious now, telling me what else they want to build. I just roll my eyes.

Wish me luck in the match.


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