Cue Loud Booing

Well, loud booing at myself actually. I placed that order for some parts, including the very limited eVGA 7900GTO 512MB. I placed the order very early, before they even had any stock, since I knew it was going to sell like hot cakes (why do hot cakes sell so well anyways? I really should invest in the hot cake business….) so I thought it was a thing I just had to do.

Turns out I filled out the billing information for the credit card wrong. Since the last time I’d ordered from the store was when I was still living on PEI, my billing info was still the old PEI address. In my rush to order the card, I only partially changed the address. It ended up being a hybrid of my PEI and Ontario addresses. Needless to say, that failed the credit card verification so I’m back to the drawing board. I’ve since corrected it, but who knows where I am in the queue for the card now. Hopefully they’ll have enough. I’m going to cry if they don’t. 🙁

That’s about as interesting as my day got today.


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