Crucial Service – An Example for Others to Follow

Crucial, the consumer brand of Micron Technology has some of the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. I recently purchased a couple sticks of Rendition memory (the value brand of Crucial) to run in dual channel. After some random crashes and a subsequent MemTest86 run that indicated one of the sticks was defective, I contacted Crucial support to set up an RMA.

I called in on a Saturday afternoon and got a hold of Elaine, a support representative. After explaining to her the problem, she (easily) concluded that I would need to exchange the RAM. I had purchased the two sticks of DDR2 as separate items but was running them in dual channel; after consulting with a tech, she told me I’d have to return both of them and she would have a set, tested in dual-channel mode, sent back to me. Normal exchange procedures would require that I ship the modules to them first, and when they receive them, they’d ship out replacements. I explained to her that it was the only computer available and that not having memory for potentially several weeks would be difficult.

She explained that the Rendition brand is typically not available for cross-shipment and that purchases not made from directly are usually not cross-shipped. However, she told me she would speak with her supervisor to see if an exception could be made, given the circumstances. I did not make any additional effort to push her for a cross-shipment. She asked me for the information required for the replacement and told me she would call me back if a cross-shipment was possible. I gave her my cell phone number, not expecting to get a call for a while.

I don’t normally carry my cell phone around with me when I’m at home and I leave the phone on vibrate, so little did I know, about three minutes after hanging up, she called me back; my call logs indicated that. I quickly re-dialed the number, hoping to get in contact with Elaine, but to no avail. I guess the service representative phone lines are not allowed direct incoming calls. I lost hope that I would be able to get the cross-shipment I was hoping for.

But not 5 minutes later, a call came in on the home phone line. I answered not expecting anyone in particular, but lo-and-behold, the caller introduced herself as Elaine from Crucial! I didn’t even question how she got the number (now that I think about it, I presume she looked up my address and the corresponding telephone number) but I doubt most customer service reps would even bother calling back the original phone number, much less actually think about how else to get a hold of me.

The replacement memory was shipped out Tuesday night and it arrived here earlier this afternoon (as in less than 1 day shipping from Utah to Ontario). Just phenomenal.


3 Replies to “Crucial Service – An Example for Others to Follow”

  1. Hi Charlie,

    The marketing team at Crucial Technology was stoked to come across your blog entry about your great customer service experience with Crucial. We definitely like to hear of such experiences!!

    Crucial’s sales, customer service & tech support departments work extremely hard to deliver this kind of exceptional service to ALL of our customers on a daily basis. We’re proud to stand behind our products with exceptional warranties as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your positive experience with your readers!


    Kelly Sasso
    Media Relations Manager
    Crucial Technology

  2. Justin – haha… 😛

    Kelly – I’m more than glad to write it as it is, and in this case, the service was great. It’s nice to see Crucial’s on the prowl across the internet to find customer experiences, perhaps ones that weren’t necessarily as flawless as mine and addressing them.

    Just another link the the customer service experience. 🙂

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