Cranial Explosion

I told you it was going to come down to this. It’s a week and a half before the start of the summer school semester and I’m sitting here with my work report barely started. I’ve finally got my topic now and it’s crunch time to actually study it and formulate some sort of recommendation. Two weeks to learn as much as I possibly can about wireless technologies and write something intelligent sounding on the topic. I’ve done so much reading in the past two days on CDMA, WiMAX, and the various technical details of wireless transmission that I think my head’s just going to explode. It’s like cramming years of research and discover all into a couple weeks. While I find it interesting, it’s a terribly large amount of data to process. And the worst part is that I have to form some sort of engineering opinion on the whole thing. It’s one thing to have the knowledge. It’s another to be able to analyze it and come out with a conclusion. That’s the whole point of these work reports I guess. I still wish I started earlier. The whole topic issue didn’t help…

And there wasn’t even Lost tonight for some reason. I was looking forward to my weekly meeting with the TV, but instead of finding Lost on the regular channel at the regular time, I had to watch some Mad Money with Jim Cramer. I honestly think that guy’s nuts. Just watch the show once. I swear you’ll come to the same conclusion.

I hope everyone who’s finishing up their first year of university did well in their exams. And just think, you’ll soon be home and starting your summer vacation while I’m just about to go back to another 4 months of grueling university work. Doesn’t that make you feel better already? 🙂


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