Counterstrike Voice: Terrorists Win

While George Bush and his lackey are constantly touting their defeat of terrorism all over the world, all we have to do is look at home to see how little meaning his words carry. Take for example an event that will definitely be well-watched: SuperBowl XL. Now the SuperBowl is lone of the things that makes America… well, America. It’s one of those prestigious events, revered by many and definitely portrays the true spirit of the country. Now what happens when something like the SuperBowl gets caught up in all of this terrorism stuff? They’re expecting over 65,000 fans at the stadium in Detroit this year. But what’s truly remarkable is the fact that over 10,000 security personnel will also be on the scene. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s one in every seven people or so. 1/7. 14.3%. So while world leaders rant and rave that terrorists must not be allowed to win and how terrorism is being defeated, it’s hardly the case when something as symbolic as the SuperBowl is feeling the effects of terrorism.

It hasn’t helped the situation that someone like George Bush is in power at the White House, leading a nation by fear. At every opportunity, he stresses the dangerous world we live in, how you are safe nowhere until each and every terrorist is ‘brought to justice’. The thing is however, fear is a mind-controlling emotion. To shed that fear, people will do almost anything, support almost everything.

Take the years before 9/11, 2001. If a person’s privacy were invaded at almost any point, a lot of fuss would be made about it. But in the post-9/11 era, privacy seems like a word for the history books. Not only did the Bush administration not apologize for the wiretaps occurring, they have even justified it under the umbrella of national security. How far does national security extend? Should it be acceptable that a person be killed prior to fair judgment? Based on the events in London following the subway attacks, it would seem so. In the face of the threat of terrorism, the citizens’ rights have been scaled back. Even worse than that, the government is justifying it. They are telling us to embrace it, not just tolerate it. Are we entering an age when absolute power under the guise of security is permitted and accepted? I thought that was what we set out to try and prevent.
What have the terrorists been after? While they scream and chant death to America, they are not looking for mass genocide. The America they talk about is our way of life, the way of life we’ve had since the days of the Constitution in the United States and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada. This way of life has already been changed and the very basis has been threatened by these terrorists.

Governments are with one hand showing us how terrorism is on the run. Yet at the same time they are using that other hand to take away our rights and freedoms. The changes in our world have affected even me, an insignificant person in the overall scheme of things. I no longer have the urge to go to the United States. Why risk the fuss at the border? Flying is much more complicated than in the past. I now have to think about what the FBI or CIA may glean from a post like this. These things would never have crossed my mind before this all started. It is the result of terrorism.

Oh, I don’t merely think that terrorism has affected us. I think terrorism has achieved its goals. It has changed what “America” is. It has rotted the foundation upon which our free countries are built on. It has influenced our mindset, let us be controlled by our fear and widened the gap between the people of the world. Even as I write this, demonstrations continue around the world due to a recent development, the cartoons of the Muslim Prophet. Our lack of understanding and compassion for others and their lack of understanding and compassion for us has all but guaranteed a divided Earth for the foreseeable future.

So I truly mean it when I say this: Terrorism has won.

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  1. I got to this story looking for a way to get better at counter-strike the PC game and ended up here. Cool, awesome article. Hard to believe that this was written early ’06 and still makes sense.

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