Wow, what a crazy night. I’ve got a nice buzz going and all. Engineering had a keg party. Their instructions for frosh were… If you don’t know where it is, follow someone who does. It’s so great. I can’t believe this is what university’s like. I can already tell it’s gonna be great here. Unfortunately, I don’t know my schedule for tomorrow morning and I can’t even find out cause the site that tells me shuts down at midnight. God, what were they thinking really…

So I’m just posting this little update cause, well I feel like it. I’ve gotta head over to the lounge here soon. Captain Morgans on the go here. Man walking back from the party to our dorm was insane. We were screaming at the top of our lungs and were walking around with no pants. Craziness. I’ve gotta go get the second floor guys now. We’re gonna continue this action. Ha.

EAST 4!!!!!!!!


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