Alright here goes. I realized sometime ago that I was going to have a pretty tough time even keeping up even one blog, much less the super impossible (yes, that’s more than impossible) task of maintaining three blogs when university starts back up. As a result, I’ve decided to make the blog the homepage and merged the tech stuff into this blog. I did a pretty messy job of importing the content from the tech blog and the home page (I had to import them using the RSS feed since I really didn’t have a clue how to write a script to read in the SQL tables without totally mucking things up) but they’re there, just missing all your lovely comments…

Hopefully keeping up one blog will be somewhat doable. I’d rather see one decently maintained blog than three half-assed blogs anyways. I’m sure you’d prefer that too. Plus, I find it hard to keep technology all by its lonesome somewhere else. I also had a hell of a time trying to get a proper redirect to work, so in the end, I didn’t really bother. The tech blog’s still just sitting there but hopefully people’ll slowly update their links as they see that it’s no longer maintained… I was going to make this blog in the root directory of the server, but since I couldn’t redirect the blog entries properly (I don’t want to lose my precious Google rankings after all 🙂 ) it’ll have to stay here until I figure out how.

So the only thing I’m keeping separate is the theme workshop, since that is totally separate from what I’m doing here anyways. Hopefully this change will mean a better future for the site. Let me tell you, trying to keep up three blogs is quite an intimidating challenge.


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