Conservative Minority Government

Enough results are in that the CBC has predicted a minority Conservative government led by Stephen Harper in Canada. This is great news; the previously dysfunctional parliament can now be re-organized into something that can effectively lead the country.

Oh wait…

I predict Michael Ignatieff will become the new Liberal leader, parliament will be as dysfunctional as before and in two years, we’ll have another election.


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  1. What scares me the most about what is written above is that I agree with your predictions – Ignatieff will bring the liberals to the right, something that will only hasten the death of the liberal party. If the left wants to survive, they have 2 years and zero money….things are not looking up.

  2. Hi Charlie,

    I enjoy reading your blog.

    I wanted to chime in that I agree with your assessment, only I am betting it’s closer to 12 months, than 24.

    I think we’ll be as dysfunctional as ever. I mean we have a national party that only runs in one province. How does that make any sense?


  3. Nick – I wouldn’t hang up the towel on the Liberals just yet. I think we’ve lived a large part of our memorable lives under Liberal leadership, but the Liberals and Conservatives have traded power back and forth since the 1900’s. I don’t think it was unreasonable that Canada wanted a change after about 13 years of Liberal rule. And I’m just as sure the tide will sway the other way in due time.

    As for the Bloc, well I think it’s important that Québec has federal representation under its own party. Whether you agree or not with a national party that runs in a single province, I believe Québec is unique enough (both from a cultural and political standpoint) to justify that.

  4. All that wasted money……

    Suffice to say, I kind of enjoy having minority governments, because then we don’t give sole power to one party, and they have to make enough compromises to satisfy other groups of people.

  5. On a side note – it’s about time the liberal party had a new leader. I like Dion enough, but I wouldn’t want him as the PM. I haven’t liked any of the liberal leaders since Chrétien, and I’m not feeling an Ignatieff led party other. *Sigh*

  6. What frustrates me about the Bloc isn’t that Quebec has federal representation under its own party, but that it is vastly overrepresented. It won 50 seats in parliament, while the NDP won only 37. The problem there is that the NDP had almost twice the popular vote that the Bloc did.

    And Rene, the problem with a minority government, especially now, is that it will be difficult for anything to get done. That means that any economic reforms that might help our economy will either be slowed down or weakened in order to please two or more parties. However, it is a strong minority government, so the Conservatives need only team up with one other party. This will probably be with the Bloc as they have a history of working together.

  7. Well, that gets into the topic of proportional representation, which has both its pros and cons. The Bloc’s popular vote in Canada is highly diluted because it doesn’t run outside of Quebec. In Quebec, it had a what, 38-40% popular vote? Still, that doesn’t represent the 50 seats it won, but with the vote split, that’s all they really need for that number of seats.

    I doubt the Bloc will work with the Conservatives. Duceppe viewed this election as a victory for the Bloc, citing they had prevented a Conservative majority – it doesn’t sound like he’s in it to support Harper.

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