Competitive At Heart

So we had the furniture my parents bought delivered today. Indeed I was surprised. It definitely wasn’t the stuff I had expected which was the nice quality wood stuff. Instead it’s this like marble/granite looking material and it’s a creamy colour. Looks somewhat odd considering I’ve never seen anyone with this kind of furniture before. It’s almost what you would see in some classic European house or something. And with good reason; the stuff’s Italian. Eh, I’m not going to pretend as though I have some fashion sense; I really don’t. It must be nice or something as it costed something nice…

Okee, I mentioned Unreal Tournament in my last post there. However there have been some developments. I recently happened on an old bud from back in the Bombing Run days. He informed me that a few of them were going back to UT2003 to play Bombing Run and that I should hit up the servers sometime with them. Bombing Run had died in UT2004 as the game type was a bit different from UT2003 and that was the prefered one. So lately people have been going back there to play. I immediately jumped on the chance; I’m still a sucker for it. I have to say, there were some moments where I imagined I was back in the good old days when all the servers were full and the gaming intense. Of course, that was broken up by the cockiness and character of some of the resident UT2003 players. But no worries, it was really a lot of fun to play again with people I haven’t played with/against in a long time.

And speaking of which; I discovered once more just how competitive I really am. Losing has never been one of the things I indulge in. And while it is just a game, it’s very competitive nonetheless. To say the least, I got pretty into it just from playing today. Moods ranged anywhere from seething when things weren’t going well to joy after destroying the opposing team. Frustation reigned for the most part as I was pretty rusty from not having played in a long while and my shooting was quite pathetic.

Ok enough of that, I’ve got a computer in the basement that’s currently inoperable. I’ve ordered a new video card for it (got quite a bargain) but it’s not going to be in stock for a while yet. The ETA’s anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, so pretty vague. A Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition on the way for anyone interested. For now I’ve been using the laptop for the mostly. The wireless router’s due back soon as well, probably middle of next week. Then I’ll finally be able to get something I’ve always wanted into place. You’ll just have to keep a watch and find out what that thing is. =)


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  1. “I will not spend money on technology unless it is absolutely required”

    AHEM! πŸ˜‰

    I suppose if you got a good enough bargain….. πŸ˜€

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