Stands for Content Management System, of which WordPress is a simple version. It was actually at work today that I really discovered what a CMS is. No, no, I wasn’t browsing the internet on the job. In fact, I was looking for a sort of management system for our QA team at SlipStream. I came upon something called DMS at first, or document management system. That in turn led me to CMS. I came home today and did some more research on the surprisingly many different CMSes. I eventually settled on Joomla. It’s basically a Mambo that’s more community developed. Mambo was very open source at one point, but their goals have changed slightly and many developers left that organization and started their offshoot CMS, Joomla. I’m glad they did.

I realized that a CMS is exactly what I need for the whole site here. It’s modular in the most literal definition of the word and provides me access to a huge community instead of coding all the CSS by hand myself. Instead of having my website contained in a folder on my hard drive with about 50 subdirectories that are starting to be come utterly confusing, I’ll be able to use Joomla as the framework for all of it… Well, except WordPress. I have been unable to find anything that will allow me to actually import my stuff into the Joomla blog. I’m not sure if I like their bloggin tool anyways. I’ll just have to hack a Joomla theme over to WordPress. Shouldn’t be too difficult hopefully. Since my site’s not ready to be publicized yet, here’s a link to a few sites that show you what I mean by total integration.

So I’m stopping work on the template I have right now and I’m going to immediately start by choosing a template that I like and hack it a bit then moving everything over to Joomla. I’m starting to think one of the best things about this site so far (for me) has been the chance to see and try out so many interesting technologies.

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  1. Joomla is good, we are in the process of transferring the church’s website to use that. We spent a little while playing with Drupal as well, but I think Joomla seems a lot nicer to use.

  2. Looked at Drupal as well. It seems more like the Linux of CMSes. 😛 Pretty popular among the more geeky types perhaps?

    In any case, I’m still trying to figure out how they organize the freaking pages. There are so many modules, menus, etc, etc.

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