Catching Up

Well I decided that I should try to get some good rest in before classes start so I came home (to Niagara Falls) for the weekend. I’m pretty glad I did. I finally got more than like 5 hours of sleep per night. But as it was back in the high school days, weekends still go by far too quickly and I’m looking at the time now and I realize that I’ve only got a few more hours before I have to go back. We’ve got a residence meeting that I have to attend at 8PM tonight.

Since there was really no work to do this weekend, I decided to catch up on some of my emails. I had a huge backlog of them and needed to respond to a bunch of people. So I spent a pretty large portion of time yesterday writing away. Hope you guys received my emails. Several of them were directed at readers of this blog in fact.

So I’m feeling pretty rested up right now, but still dreading going to actually do work. Frosh week was a ton of fun, but it was meant to be that. I can’t imagine classes being all too entertaining. Plus, everyone seems to be shocked when I tell them our high school didn’t have any computer language classes. It would appear they’ve all get some coding experience under their belts. And no, html does not count unfortunately. Hopefully the classes aren’t gonna start at some stratospheric level of comprehension of computer languages.

I downloaded some more songs for the Zen Micro here this weekend. I couldn’t even download it to my laptop. Hmm, that reminds me of something weird. So I forgot to bring my power cord for the laptop home from my dorm, but that’s okay, I’ve got like 3:30-4 hours of battery life on this thing anyways. So I was reading some articles on my RSS feed and the battery meter was showing like 2:40 of life left. All of a sudden, a little note pops up that says my battery’s low on power. WTF? I look over at the meter. Still 2:40… Then it refreshes and all of a sudden I’m down to 14 minutes??!?!?!! So long story short, the battery was really messed up or something and I can’t even turn the laptop on anymore. I’ll have to do some battery calibration or something. To be honest, I haven’t actually run the laptop on battery much. I definitely haven’t run the battery down to zero before in continuous usage. For all I know, the battery could be defective. Hopefully not though.

Anyways, so I downloaded the songs to be desktop here and I had load up all the Zen Micro’s software to tranfer the songs over. Damn, that was a bitch and a half. I think I’ve finally got the order you have to do everything in order for the syncing to actually work. No wonder Apple has the MP3 player field down. It’s almost problem-free whereas this is far from it. But no matter, it’s what I’ve got and I’ll live with it. Currently, the Ipod Nano is the closest thing to satisfying my mp3 player needs. If it had at least 5GBs of storage and a FM tuner I’d buy it instantly. But unfortunately it doesn’t, so it’ll stay off my list, for now.

Right, I’ve gotta go take a shower and eat some food. We’re probably gonna leave to go back to UWaterloo around 5PM. Yep, listening to Sigur Ros. Good stuff.


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  1. Thanks for the email, Charlie. Rest assured that I will write back, but it might take a while as I tend to save the “real” emails that I write until I’m in the mood to just write and write and write. You’ll get one, but I just don’t know when.

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