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As I go through school, work semesters and most recently the business class at Laurier (oh and posting on this blog), I’m finding my career wants and goals are starting to refine themselves. I was lucky to know what program to enter after high school was complete, but I had very little idea of what I actually wanted to do after university. Now that I’ve had quite a bit of work experience (and I’m especially thankful for my time at Sybase, where I’ve had a lot of say on what I want to tackle), and have expanded my view outside of the mostly-technical courses I take in Computer Engineering, I’m discovering the wonderful world of business.

I’ve known I wanted to lean to the business side of technology for a couple years, now, but I’m also discovering more specific areas that I’m very interested in, specifically technology product design and marketing, combining my interest in technology and business.

I sat up late last night reading articles on interesting product and marketing cases in my textbook – articles about store brands versus national brands, megaplex movie theatres, and anti-squirrel bird-feeders, to name a few. As I read the cases, I found myself analyzing the products, how those products were perceived by the people in the cases, and thinking about how the mentioned companies were adjusting, to respond to market challenges.

I think it’s a by-product of the work I do. I’ve been quite involved in market research, scoping out potential markets, competitive products and companies, and predicting how market changes will affect us. I find the work exhilarating, keeping up with market developments, analyzing every aspect of the news and responding to them. It can be mentally challenging and also exercises my creativity. It’s never quite the same, day in, day out.

Obviously product design and marketing are typically separate departments in many companies and it’s fairly rare to actually do both at the same time, so I’d settle for one or the other. The interests I’ve stated above may also afford me a career in the tech consulting business, which I’ve talked about before. That path could also satisfy my interest in market analysis and technology.

It’s still a bit early to know exactly what I’ll be doing after university, but I’m seeing the light more and more clearly now. I aim to use my last couple work terms to really probe these types of jobs to see if it is what I want to do.

On a completely separate note, I’m really starting to think my business class professor is something of a Google + Apple fanboy. Oh dear…


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