Canadiens 5-0-1

What a great start to the 08-09 season. After losing its first regular season game in a shootout to Buffalo, the Montreal Canadiens have been on a roll, winning 5 in a row. I watched the game this past Saturday against Pheonix and it was a great show of positioning and passing skill. Pheonix has a great group of young players, but they weren’t able to match the speed and experience of the Habs. Carey Price was outstanding (again) in goal, stopping some unbelievable opportunities by Reinprecht and Doan.

But everything wasn’t perfect. I found towards the end of the Pheonix game especially, things got very undisciplined, and I don’t just mean taking penalties. Passes were messy and there were a ton of turnovers by both the Canadiens and Coyotes. It just looked like a bit of the edge was lost.

Here’s to hoping for another great season. Lang and Tanguay especially are fitting in quite nicely, despite a lot of moaning by rival fans that they were a waste of money. The Koivu-Tanguay-Latendresse line has been dynamite.


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