Canadian iPhone 3G Launch

It’s 7:30am and I’m off to a Rogers store for the 3G iPhone launch later this morning. Will I come back home with one? I’m still undecided, but leaning towards no. I want more detail on what the Bold has to offer before I make a decision. But either way, it’ll certainly be before August 31st to get in on the $30/month for 6GB of data promotion.


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  1. I took the plunge – it was late in the afternoon on launch day, and there was no line and they had a few 16GB models so I bit the bullet. I was at HUP Tier 5 and they let me keep my retention voice plan and just add data so it was as cheap as an iPhone could get for me.

    Comparatively to a BlackBerry as a phone it lacks purely based on the fact that it lacks a talk and end button. E-mail is not push (for GMail) which leaves me feeling like I’m lagging in communication. 3G Internet browsing and maps is fantastic – nothing compares – but you can’t copy and paste links which is annoying, especially if you like to share links via Twitter. Great as an iPod – unfortunately because it’s a 3G device, you feel as if you’re wasting your battery power as there hasn’t been a day that the iPhone hasn’t run out of battery, which leaves you anxious.

    The tradeoffs are steep and you’re going to want to have another phone around once your iPhone dies, so you can make… phone calls. It’s more of a gadget than a phone.

  2. Yeah, I cracked and picked one up as well (8GB though) to replace my Curve. The things I’m missing most? Push email and better battery life. On the other hand, I’m positively surprised by how functional the touch keyboard actually is. And I won’t even bother going into detail about just how much better the user interface is, at least from my design-centric point of view.

    I absolutely agree on the battery life – I’m mildly disappointed and for the first time I’m actually apprehensive about losing charge midway through a day. Both my Sony Ericsson K790 and BB Curve had great battery life. The iPhone certainly can’t compare.

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