Bus Notes for Feb. 5

I’ve been making more of an effort recently, but I’m still finding most of my writing very mediocre at best. It’s probably a by product of reading more and more stuff by other people on the web these days. In any case, I definitely think my writing style could be improved. The main thing I notice from reading my own content is that there’s a lot of nothingness. A lot of these posts contain essentially no ‘meat’, no actual material. It’s a lot of me rambling along, with stuff that doesn’t really make much coherent sense. Perhaps that’s what I started this blog off as; a place to put down whatever I had on my mind.

I think the main issue is that I have nothing to write, yet write stuff just for the sake or writing something. I think some time ago, I gave myself this ridiculous goal of writing something everyday. While, that worked for a while when life was busy and whatnot, recently, it hasn’t been all that exciting recently. (I definitely don’t expect my life to take sudden, unexpected turns every, single day) What I need is a focal point, a theme to hold the whole place together. So instead of posting things that are titled ‘To Make my Life Sound Interesting’, which you basically know is going to be a post full of crap after just reading the title, I’m going to find something I’m interested in and weigh in with my thoughts.

On the homepage I’ve written that I’ve already planned a direction for the main portion of the site (although it would seem like this blog is a much larger piece of content, for now). So now, I’m writing this to set out the direction for this blog. I’m going to use this blog for what it’s really designed for, presenting my opinion for others to read and assimilate. When I post about nothing, it’s slightly hard for your random dude on the internet to pick out much of anything. So while it’s great for the close circle of friends to read and find out that I changed the blade in my razor, I doubt anyone really gives a crap.

Sitting on the bus earlier on my way back to UWaterloo, I was listening to my favorite podcast, This Week in Tech. I thoroughly enjoy the show because it’s something I can relate to. But I’ve often wanted to comment on some of the stuff that’s presented. So the thought came to me; why not have a weekly ‘column’ in a blog discussing things being talked about in TWiT’ The guys on there are discussing issues and topics, but I want to talk about them too. It’ll be like I’m participating in their round table (or the proverbial Skype table as it would oftentimes be). So there you have it, I’m going to start up another page in this blog dedicated to that. (Or maybe I’ll just start a whole new blog altogether’ We’ll see how ambitious I am)

Don’t worry, I’ll still post stuff regularly on this blog. Just don’t expect something every single day. I mean I’m only one person. My life can’t that interesting each and every day, as much I try to spice it up. Additionally, I’m definitely going to look into improving the quality of writing here.

So with that all out of the way, you can expect some changes to come to this site in the (near) future. Hopefully it’ll be for the best.

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