BoB and CoH

What a combo. I’ve been playing Band of Brothers and Company of Heroes off each other over the past couple days, although, for the most part, it’s been Band of Brothers sucking me back into my addiction. I can’t believe the quality of shows HBO puts out, consistently. Company of Heroes is so similar in idea to Band of Brothers, it’s not even funny. Both follow the progress of a company from D-Day onwards. As well, the sort of tactics are pretty similar as well, since both revolve around small squads of soldiers for the most part. After watching the gallant efforts on the screen, I get this overwhelming need to play it out myself. Quite addictive really. It’s possibly one of the best TV-Game combos I’ve ever come across. Another good one was the Gladiator-Rome TW combo.

Yep, Company of Heroes also has an awesome story line. It really draws you in. You actually feel for your troops, as cheezy as that sounds. And that feeling you get when your small squad of riflemen overcomes a tank is… a little surreal. It gives you a sense of pride for your troops. There’s been a multitude of games centered around World War 2, but this is one of the most accurate and… touching.

So enough about that. You probably feel a little creeped out by the connection I’m having with a computer game of all things. Well, I’ve had to fill in the gap that UT2003 has left. I haven’t played (or seen anyone playing for that matter) in about a week. It was a real letdown to see so many of the old guys around again for a couple weeks, and now it’s dead. I’m still checking periodically for some familiar names, but I haven’t seen them yet…

I’m actually going to bed now. I’ve been sleeping really poorly over the past couple nights. It makes for a tough day when the thing you have to concentrate on the most is staying awake. Hopefully it’ll be a little better tonight.


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  1. I enjoyed Band of Brothers a few years back on TV – real quality. And this year part of my summer holidays was spent travelling to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches and the places where the paratroopers landed. It’s a really spooky feeling to stand at places like Omaha Beach and see where it all actually happened – and what is most amazing is the emotion of all the personal stories, so good to hear that a game is bringing some of that aspect into the experience.

    Enjoy the game 🙂

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