Blogging At 35,000ft

I’m at an altitude of 35,000ft as I write this, sitting in a cramped seat in row 25 of an Airbus A320. Fortunately, I have a window seat to help break up the monotony of air travel, for the less-than-wealthy. Equipped with my M1330 laptop, I performed a quick space test of the fold-out tray in front of me. There is absolutely no way this laptop will fit on it. By the same token, the 0.5” thinner profile of the MacBook Air wouldn’t fit either. It’s all about footprint, not thickness. There, I’ve had my daily jab at Apple and at the same time scientifically proven my point. I’ve even attached a photo of what using a M1330 looks like on a plane. (For some reason, I don’t think photography is actually allowed on flights, so shhhhh.) Moving on.

Really not much space, even with the notebook on my lap…

I woke up at the painful hour of 6am this morning. Morning rush hour traffic can be unpredictable, so I figured I should play it safe rather than end up sorry. After arriving at Pearson very early for my flight, I went to the Terminal 1 Starbucks to pick up a light breakfast. The thing is, I don’t drink coffee – I rarely go to Tim Horton’s even, which is practically a crime in Canada. Given that, it was only natural that I became a bit overwhelmed by the beverage choices and their weird size-naming conventions. Whatever happened to small-medium-large? I ended up with a “regular-size” (Tall in Starbucks-speak) hot chocolate and a chocolate croissant, which I quickly consumed.

I also experienced my first run-in with the metal-detector ‘wand’ today while going through security. The culprit? My belt. In what was the most troublesome security check-in for me, I also had to remove my shoes. Perhaps it was the large amount of electronic devices I was pushing through the X-ray machine: laptop, battery, camera, MP3 player, BlackBerry.

I’ve been passing the time here reading a book a friend lent to me, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. From what I’ve gotten through thus far, I think it’s prudent to pick it up for my own personal book collection, which reminds me, I need to start a book collection. I’ve also decided that we need to look at building cities in the sky, à la Cloud City from Star Wars. It would always be sunny that way, as my burning lap is telling me.

And although I’m writing this on the plane, I’m clearly not going to be able to publish this until I land at my connection in Halifax. I’m still patiently waiting for the day when Wifi becomes prevalent on flights.


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  1. I noticed you’re using Word to type into. You need to check out Windows Live Writer. Its a standalone program that allows you to blog when you aren’t connected, and publish with one click when you have internet access.

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