BlackBerry 9000 Bold Launched. I Want.

Research in Motion is my equivalent of Apple for most other people. I attentively read all the news and gossip that appear about rumoured devices and although their product line isn’t quite as varied as Apple’s, it just makes those product announcements all the more sweet.

So after reading several indepth reviews of the BlackBerry 9000 over at, I was getting mighty excited for the launch of the BlackBerry Bold today at WES2008.

Overall feeling? I want. Now, how can I justify one after only a couple months with the Curve…?

Update: Okay, a couple people (real life as opposed to web) have asked me why I’d want to upgrade from a Curve. Well, for me, it’s a combination of the much higher resolution display (hands-on opinions of the display have been phenomenal), new OS4.6, which includes a significantly improved web browser and probably HTML email support, improved performance, and Wi-Fi.


5 Replies to “BlackBerry 9000 Bold Launched. I Want.”

  1. I was looking at that just last night. Depending on what Rogers decides to do when it comes to plan pricing for the iPhone, I may wind up with a Bold instead…

  2. Wow, you’re probably one of the last people that I’d expect to defect from the Apple to the RIM camp…

    How was the Island trip? (I presume you’re back in Alberta now?)

  3. I feel like I should wear a sign that points to my mouth and says “Insert drool here.” What a beautiful piece of technology!

  4. I’m not defecting, I’m merely stating that if Rogers decides to rape it’s customers on iPhone plans, then I may have to look at other alternatives.

    Yes, I’m back in Ab now. Island trip was a smashing success. It continued to rain while I was there though, ah well.

  5. I’m hearing many murmurs of a launch on June 9th. Perhaps Rogers’ll pick up the 3G shortly thereafter?

    The new HTC Touch Diamond also looks mighty appealing.

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