Bill Gates CES Keynote

Yes, I like the future. Take a look at the keynote given by Bill Gates at the CES show in Las Vegas. Take note that this is the 300kpbs version so only broadbanders will want to attempt this. I’m currently watching it even as I write this.

Bill Gates CES Keynote (300kbps)

You may remember when I went to hear one of his keynotes here in the University of Waterloo. Well, the cell phone demonstration I was talking about back then is shown in this keynote. It’s the one where he interfaces with the ‘table’. I also found the large mirror-screen and the wrap around display very impressive. Functionality seems very intuitive and less computer like.

Minority Report-esque technology? Maybe not as far in the future as we may think.


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  1. that intro was never ending…watching now…man he is a terrible speaker:P you’d think that he would try to improve for all the speaking he does…or maybe he just doesn’t give a shit:)ok…everything he is using would equal like…what…a million bucks:P Slightly unrealistic…damn cool though. I like the look of that huge ass screen…look like glass:). Man his house must be sick!!! Man…when he is not using any device he is realllllly boring.

    It’s all cool stuff…but it will never work…not any time soon anyway. Who is gonna install all this stuff? And the knowledge level of the average person would require an entire course to learn how to use half of this stuff. Just MHO


  2. Yeah the mirror thing could be a ways off, but perhaps new houses will be built with them integrated already. As for learning… How hard is it for you to drag your finger from one thing to another? Even a trumpet player must be able to figure that out! 😉 *owns Nick*

    I do have to admit he’s not the most charismatic person out there, but at least he’s not like reading off a memorized script. That first intro guy was a bad speaker…

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