Beyond Fried

I feel frustrated and tired. I spent the last… oh 3 hours trying to get this Livesearch thing to work, to no avail. Oh it’d be way easier to just get a plugin and all, but I’d like it to be an integral part of this theme, not just some addon. Seems like the whole script isn’t playing too well. I thought I had it at one point, but the search results were totally messing up the page. And needless to say, I’m totally fried after having worked on this one problem for so long. I can consciously tell that my focus and cognitive skills just aren’t there so I won’t force it any more. I can’t even remember how to do things I definitely had working earlier.

Thus, the only result that I can show for my work is a terribly inefficient piece of code for a simple search function, that doesn’t do anything fancy. But at least I have the groundwork set for more work on it. I’ll sleep on it. Maybe something’ll come to me in the way of dreams. 😛



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