Bad Name, Great Console?

I just had a quick read of the TIME magazine’s first on hands look at the Nintendo Wii console. For those of you who don’t know, Wii is going to be the retail name for the next generation Nintendo console, which was originally code named Revolution. While Nintendo took a lot of flak for the ‘Wii’ name (pronounced ‘we’) it seems like the console and the controller, in particular, is definitely a revolution of sorts in the gaming market. Instead of everything being controlled by the thumb or a few buttons, the controllers are motion sensitive, meaning that you actually take a swing when you’re playing that tennis game.

A Game For All Ages

As they say at the end, perhaps Nintendo’s taking Apple’s approach. Don’t try to outmuscle your competition. Instead outsmart it. It definitely looks the nicest of all the consoles coming out, will apparently cost the least and is definitely the more ‘revolutionary’ one. I just might have to try it out…


2 Replies to “Bad Name, Great Console?”

  1. I can just see a junior high boy saying to some girl “Hey, wanna come to my place after school and play with my Wii?” Or the reply to “What’s up?” “Oh, not a lot. Just playing with my Wii.” Sigh, smart move Nintendo. Revolution was so much better. Codenames 4 lyfe!

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