Bad Day

Well, I said more later and now is later, so I should probably write something more… I actually had a pretty dismal day today. Things seemed to start going downhill right around lunchtime. You know, I probably don’t say this enough but, sometimes I’m just completely, utterly, socially inept. Like today at lunch was an example. Sometimes I feel as though I have to justify my existence in the University of Waterloo Computer Engineering program by acting in the weirdest, nerdiest, most awkward sort of way. Okay, so I’m a bit nerdy at times, but I went totally overboard today. And I could sense it from the others. It was awful. It was like I couldn’t stop. As I said, socially inept. Then with that whole awkward situation weighing on me, I had the chance to see my connecting bus pull away as I stood at the door of the bus I had just arrived on. Oh, that didn’t help my mood at all. And through it all, it felt as though something was weighing on me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I’m really not sure if it was just something trivial or perhaps the fate of the world is now resting on my shoulders. Anything’s possible? Hmmm, that reminds me of a part of the book I’m currently indulging myself in, Theatre of the Mind, but you already knew that. It’s not a book you can read too quickly without losing a lot of its content. You have to sit and think about what the author’s trying to say. I have to admit, it’s gotten me to think about my, well, thinking recently. I’ve got lots to write about relating to that, but I’ll save that for a later time.

So generally speaking, I had a pretty bad day. The few bright spots would probably have to have been the Apple announcement this morning of the Base Boot Camp software and the fact that I (finally) got a Google Analytics invite. I had forgotten that I had even signed up for one. Or maybe I never signed up for one and they just felt like giving me one. I don’t know, but in any case, I took a look at it and it looks awfully complicated, which in turn implies awesome. 😛

Hopefully tomorrow shall be a little nicer to me?


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  1. correction: BOOT Camp.
    (and apparently, the first BSOD’s on macintel XP boots have been showing up with Boot Camp). haha.

    currious as to how you, “couldn’t stop” being nerdy…

    i think i’ve changed the ‘website’ link in my comments 4 times now. haha.

    2 more weeks and i’m out of here!

    i really hope i didn’t fail this module… oh God please let me pass!!!

  2. You are absolutely right justin. i must have 37signals on my mind. you’re not liking it in ottawa? reese, of course that was a highlight. i didn’t think i even had to say anything. 😉 enough of this, writing on a cell sucks…

  3. Couldn’t stop means I realized I was being nerdy, but for some reason I couldn’t get myself out of the large hole I had already dug. Or maybe my subconscious didn’t want to let me out. I don’t know, either way, I couldn’t stop. 😛

    Oh Will, that’s a pretty nice comparison you found there. You’re quite eager to play some Oblivion aren’t you? Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to encourage you? 😀

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