Back Up and Running

Well, it would appear as though things are (semi) back in order. I’ve greatly reduced my reliance on plugins and there’s been a lot of enhancements to the writing aspect of the engine. There’s now a WYSIWYG editor instead of the html editor. Also many of the post options are laid out in telescoping menus off to the side which makes changing things a breeze. You can also now add new categories without navigating off the writing page, which is nice. The post box is now resizable and images can be uploaded instead of only linked to.

There are definitely some problems though. For example, one of the plugins seems to be broken although they state it should be working with WP 2.0. Well, okay let me rephrase, it works in Firefox still, but is producing errors in Internet Explorer. I’ll have to take a look at that and why that’s occurring. It’s also easier than ever now to move from Blogger or Movable Type. There’s an inbuilt import function. Also, there’s an included plugin for backups too. There’s also a lot of changes deep down in the engine, which I can’t actually see by just using it. So far not too bad at all. I also had to change a small part of the template to get it to play nice in IE.

I’m currently this in the Flock blogging page. I’ve come back to Flock again since it’s growing a little stabler and seems to work okay now. I can also specify categories and tags directly in this posting window. But yeah, that’s all for now. Overall not a bad transition at all.

EDIT: I take it back, when posting, the Flock thing just errored and produced some wonky results… I guess it’ll be posting from WordPress after all.

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