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It’s that time of year when students head off to university. For me, I can hardly believe that it will be the beginning of my third year at the University of Waterloo. Time really has flown by. This semester, 2B, is deemed as one of the tougher ones of the Computer Engineering program, but I’m confident I’ll rise to the challenge. In fact, I’ve got big goals this semester. We’ll see they pan out.

There’s finally a light at the end of the work report tunnel. I’ve completed my first read through and penciled in quite a few changes, both grammatical as well as things to help flow. I’ve always found sitting down with a paper copy and a pencil’s the best method of proof reading. As the report’s not due until September 17, I’m happy that it’s so far along in the process. Perhaps this will be the first in a long line of assignments that I don’t procrastinate on. Here’s to hoping.

The semester won’t be without its obstacles, one which will have nothing to do with school work. I will be living with 5 other friends in a house this semester. I can only imagine that it will be extremely distracting. After all, who would rather do work when there are friends across the hall? I’ll have to make certain that work still gets done. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, we’ll have to gas (read: no hot water) or internet until at least Wednesday. That could make for a decidedly poor start to the new semester.


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