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I was told I look way younger than 18 today. It’s somewhat degrading to be told that straight to your face, but when you’ve heard it as much I have, you get used to it, really.

As with move, there are a bunch of miscellaneous things which must be taken care of. One of the most important being my internet connection. While I’m working for Bell Mobility, I decided to go with Rogers for my internet. After all, I have no phone line here and I didn’t care to get one installed just for the internet. And I don’t really need another phone as I’ve got my cell phone with me. There were a few concerns such as traffic shaping (in layman’s terms, Bittorrent traffic is throttled) and speed. I haven’t yet tried Bittorrent yet but downloads are still around the 600-700KB/s mark. It’s slower than what I’ve got back home (closer to 1MB/s) but it’ll do. I know you guys back on PEI are probably drooling at this point. 😉 I read about a Pre-RC1 release of Windows Vista earlier today so I was excited to come back here with my newly installed internet and start downloading it. After all, it’s only available to the first 100,000 downloaders. I got it after about 50 minutes but I’ll have to wait until the weekend when I can go home and get some DVDs to install it though. Speaking of which, it’s a long weekend. What an excellent way to start the work term. 🙂

Work has been pretty damn good so far. I’ve been to several meetings already and I’m really liking the big business environment. There is definitely a lot more bureaucracy around the office but at least in our team, everyone seems to know everyone and it feels pretty tight-knit. One concern I do have, however, is that I don’t really know when it’s appropriate for me to speak up in a meeting. I did put in a few words today at a meeting but the answers I received (at least I felt) were of an adult talking to a child. It was like, yes you have said something we acknowledge but you’re still too young to understand. Maybe I am too young (experience and age wise) but I’d like to be able to speak my mind, granted, I don’t want to sound ignorant either. Because of that, I’ve been doing a TON of reading up on different technologies and strategies that are in the pipe. It’s generally a tough read; I have to constantly cross reference different documents and the amount of acronyms and short hands they put in these things is ridiculous.

As always in a new city, I get the opportunity to experience the mass transit system. In comparison with the Waterloo one, I have to say this one’s pretty good, only in that the buses arrive with very little time between them. That means even if you miss one, there’ll be another that comes along in a couple minutes. One thing that does bug me though is the fact that I find it hard to tell the difference between a Toronto Transit bus stop and a Mississauga Transit one. Toronto uses red and Mississauga uses orange. When that red sign gets a little tarnished, it looks an awful lot like orange. Plus, they don’t even say if it’s Mississauga or Toronto. They just draw a little bus picutre on the thing. Thanks, I didn’t know I was waiting for a bus…

It’s time for bed though. I’m still getting up pretty early because I’m not too confident in my ability to navigate the bus system without missing a couple buses (my first time coming back from work saw me miss two buses and walk for 30 minutes…) As well, I’ve got a meeting with my boss tomorrow morning to discuss a few things, in particular a few notes I wrote down in one of today’s meetings but was reluctant to speak out about. I’m really enjoying the business side of technology. I find I constantly want to learn more and come up with new ideas. Wracking my mind for ideas and ways to implement them really floats my boat for some reason.


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  1. Hey burn me a copy of the pre-rc1 release if you can! I was downloading it at work, but the download crapped out with 10% left to go.

    And I can’t access my blog from work either… it’s being blocked and flagged under ‘pornography’…. o.O

  2. I can definitely burn you a copy. I hope you have your own key though from Beta 2. I’ve only got one key and that’s for me only. 😛

    As for the ‘pornography’ categorization… have you been hiding something on your site? 😉 You shouldn’t be browsing your blog on work time anyways right?…

  3. fyi: you don’t need to have a phone line (with or without Bell) to have high speed internet with Bell… (check in Info Zone, advanced search, company Sympatico, segment all; search “no landline”)
    PLUS, you’ll get your employee discount or your service.

  4. * on your service.

    and now, from reading your blog, I understand that you may not use Info Zone everyday, so here’s the URL (you have to be on Bell network to access it) –

  5. Hmmmm, thanks for the info missMeow. 🙂 I guess I should never have listened to those Futureshop employees. I actually got a free 3 months dealio of Bell Sympatico but the guy said I needed a Bell phone line or he couldn’t activate it or something… Unless you have to have a Bell phone line for that free trail, which I sort of doubt.

    I’ll check that site when I get back to the office next Tuesday.

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