Back At It

I’m once more sitting in my room at res after what it seems way too little time’s rest. But here I am and I’ll deal with it. I met one of my neighbors here and he seems like quite the rowdy one. Doesn’t look like it’ll be any better than last semester, unfortunately. Oh and it seems like I can never remember to bring everything I need here. Last time I forgot my laptop power cord (some of you may remember that). This time I forgot an ethernet cable. Luckily for me, the ResNet office here has plenty of spares so I went and borrowed one for now. So I’m happily typing away, on the internet.

Well, there’ll be no more getting up like half an hour before I need to be in class anymore. I’ll probably be getting up around 6:00AM tomorrow to take the bus. Unfortunately, it’s not like Charlottetown where I could drive myself just about anywhere in 10 minutes or less. Plus I want some safety time in there cause I’m going to be a complete nub at this whole public transit thing. I wasn’t even able to get a bus pass today since the FEDS office here at the university is closed until tomorrow at 9:00AM. And then it closes at 4:30PM so I’ll have to try to get off work a little early to go and grab that pass.

Anyways, not much more to talk about. Oh, in this new room, all the drawers squeak and I don’t have a keyboard tray! Oh my goodness. Where shall I do my work? The whole desk is basically occupied by computer stuff. As it should be. =D

P.S. Writing 2006 everywhere is creepy.


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  1. Twas a good time. I, being the nub I am with buses, managed to miss my stop by a long ways and had to backtrack along the route for 20 minutes… And I still got there half an hour too early. 😛 Other than that, it went well.

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