ASUS Z71V Laptop Battery Issues

I was one of the early adopters of the ASUS Z71V barebones laptop. I’d been building desktop computers for several years at that point and I thought the level of customization that I could achieve with a barebone laptop would be nice. But being on the bleeding edge does have its disadvantages. The ASUS Z71 series ran into some major battery-related problems. Specifically, the batteries were defective and could not hold a full charge. It happened in varying degrees of severity, but my battery wouldn’t charge past 45% of its full capacity in less than 4 months of use.

I was able to cross-ship my battery with a new one from ASUS. The service was good and shipping was very quick. A check showed that the new battery was working fine and I thought my troubles were over. Unfortunately, the replacement battery started showing symptoms of the problem again late last year and early into 2007. Initially, I was worried that ASUS would leave me in a lurch. After all, it was outside of the 1 year warranty. My other options were to spend $200 on a new battery or have a desk-bound laptop, not terribly useful since I already have a desktop.

So, I was quite relieved when ASUS decided to replace my battery (again). I made it clear that the problem was the result of a manufacturing defect and not normal wear and tear. Even outside the 1 year warranty, something with a widespread defect should be replaced. Once again, shipping was quick and I now have, once more, a laptop that gets 3:30 battery life and not the hour or so it could squeeze out with a shoddy battery.

The whole thing does tarnish the ASUS name somewhat, but then again, almost every laptop manufacturer has had one form or another of a battery problem in the past couple years.


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  1. Hey, I’m having the same problems with my Z71V. I didn’t have the initial problems with the battery like you did though.

    Just a warning to other Z71V owners – don’t run the “battery calibration” in BIOS. It kills the battery. Apparently these batteries (when they’re faulty) don’t like being fully discharged – which is what the calibration does. My battery life went down from approximately 90 minutes to around 35-40 after “calibration”.

  2. Yeah that’s very true. I think my battery had about a 40% wear rate when I first contacted ASUS the second time around. Just to make sure, I ran the battery calibration and I ended up with almost 60% wear afterwards. The full discharges really kill them.

    Were you able to get that battery replaced? I think ASUS is being pretty loose with their warranties for this case specifically.

  3. I haven’t contacted the Asus Notebook warranty line here in Australia. I tried yesterday but constantly got a busy signal – they must have only one phone line in.

    I’ll let you know how I go. It’s nearly impossible to source a battery through retail channels. The store I bought it from can’t even get a new battery through any of their contacts. They’re offering me a “refurbished” one (they probably sprayed it with some cleaning solution and gave it a wipe). I might have to go with that option, or i’ll be stuck with an expensive desktop.

  4. Yeah, the retail channel in North America’s totally out of the batteries as well. I’d be wary about taking a refurbished battery though. I mean who knows, it could be a problematic one. ASUS has batteries of a new design that fixed the defect, so at least look for those.

  5. Just an update. Got a brand newie, and have used it a total of around 2 hours. The wear rate has gone from 4% (when I first checked it after fully charging) to 10% in a matter of a few days and only 2 full charges and 1 full discharge.

  6. Wow. You must have gotten another of the old, defective batch. Is there any way you can request a serial number for another replacement?

  7. Haha, well the battery calibration from the BIOS usually does the most damage. May as well get the bad news out of the way and try that again.

  8. I’ve been trying to get a new battery for over six months.

    Asus no longer responds to my emails, or comments left at the store site. I’m not being abusive, just asking when they will get more batteries. Each time they would tell me “two weeks”, then in two weeks I would ask if they had any and they’d tell me the same. Now they just don’t answer. My laptop is a Chembook, and ChemUSA won’t answer my emails anymore either. And DiscountLaptops, where I’ve had a battery on backorder for six months, has now closed their doors.

    To say I’m frustrated would be an understatement.

  9. John: Wow – ASUS obviously has batteries lying around since I was able to get one. Although it sounds like you’re located in the United States, I’d suggest you try and contact the Canadian office. They were the ones that sent me the battery. You can find the contact information here – it’s the ASUS COMPUTER INTERNATIONAL (Canada) contact:

    As well, I’ll give you the direct number to ASUS support. Talking to a person means it’ll be much more difficult for them to ignore you.

    Toll Free# 1-888-678-3688 x.4

    Good luck!

  10. Any word on the ASUS support on the batteries, or just stick with the aftermarket versions? right now, Im carting 2 batteries around with me when I travel…

  11. Matt, I’m currently using an aftermarket battery and it’s been fine so far. The fit wasn’t as good as the original, but otherwise no problems here.

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