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I actually can’t believe that I didn’t write about this yet. I was almost certain I had… Anyways, better late than never (or is it? I can definitely think of some things that’d be worse late than never.)

The Apple Store in the Yorkdale mall. One of a kind; the only one in Canada. And I had the opportunity to visit it. Since I can’t really remember when I went there exactly, I’ll just say one weekend.

One weekend I was up at the Yorkdale mall in Toronto with my parents. We were just about wrapping up our shopping at the mall when I remembered something I had read. Apple had a store in that mall. I quickly made use of the nearest mall directory and headed for the iconic bitten-fruit store. I needed to experience the Apple Store.

I had read so much on the internet about how the Apple Store was a different sort of store. You got a feeling immediately upon entering it and no matter how old you actually were, you felt like a young man again. It was a place you could blow your whole month’s paycheck without even cringing. A place where the sales associates actually knew what they were talking about. A place where everything was so aesthetically pleasing. Sounded like heaven to me.

It did not disappoint.

The resounding feeling upon nearing the store and seeing the activity inside was one of excitement. Since the store wasn’t as large as some of those full-building stores that Apple has down in the States, it was packed to the brim. My parents decided they didn’t need the accidental groping which would have been very possible in there. I thought it cozy. I squeezed my way into the store and basically let myself get carried around by the tide of people. It was definitely a different sort of shopping experience.

Every display set up had the full shebang. There’d be a computer with all sorts of accessories set up around it. Of course, every computer definitely had one sort of iPod or another connected to it on a dock. Big LCDs lined the walls. It had my first glimpse of a 30″ Apple Cinema Display in real life. I almost had a coronary. The screen real-estate was breathtaking. The sheer amount of hardware in that room was amazing. I left that store feeling like a changed person.

I can see how Apple recently achieved a $1 billion retail stores sales. When I was there, there was never a lack of a huge lineup of people waiting to pay for their iPods, iBooks, etc. To say the very least, those Apple stores are ridiculously successful.

If you’re ever in the near vicinity of an Apple Store, I strongly recommend you go visit it. Or maybe I don’t recommend it. You may end up spending a lot of money.

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10 Replies to “Apple Yorkdale”

  1. Not to disappoint or anything, but Apple has no retail stores outside of the UK (in Europe). Now that’s not to say there aren’t stores that sell Apple stuff in retail. Just not… an Apple Store. 😛

  2. The 1GB nano looks awfully tempting… For something smaller than my video you know? 😛 Man, Google and Apple, two high fliers both taking bit hits recently… They’ve definitely (IMO) both grown too quickly.

  3. Do they sell apple Iphone in the apple store in yorkdale?
    im going to toronto this week and i wanted to kno if they sell it so i can go purchase it =)
    please reply a.s.a.p

  4. No, unfortunately Apple doesn’t sell iPhones in Canada, so you won’t be able to get one at Yorkdale. The closest place that would have them is probably Buffalo at the Walden Galleria.

  5. aw man…i think i gotta go to a hustler than lol xD
    well i just want one cause it looks cool lol
    and take pics with it and put music, pics and such in it..
    i dont need it as a phone. just kinda like a handheld but without the phone service..can i do that?
    because i heard u have to unlock it and stuff…

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