Apple Yorkdale Pictured

This one’s for you, Rene. I made a point of stopping by the Apple store today while I was at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. I didn’t intend on going anywhere near that place (every time I go inside it, I want to buy something useless) but I thought, I should take a few pictures for those who have not been fortunate enough to visit an Apple Store in the flesh.

I heard that girl looking at the camera comment about my picture-taking.

Pretty lights…

Slight bit blurry because the left-most Apple rep (in red) looked right at me as I was taking the picture and started acting all flustered. I was in a hurry to walk away.

Ooooooh, chillin with the Nano.

All the above pictures were taken with the Sony Ericsson K790a’s camera. This is exactly the kind of use I imagined it would get. A camera that I always have and can pull out for a couple quick pictures when I feel like capturing something. It is a little prominent though; I saw several people duck out of the way when they saw me pointing the camera at the store.

So there you go. That’s my Christmas present to you, Rene. 🙂


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