Apple 5th Generation iPod Review

Apple is a company with an image. Think sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Just have a look at those fancy keynotes they hold. The anticipation that builds up before them and the utter excitement that surrounds the events is staggering. I’ll be honest; I was looking forward (shock!) to Apple’s iPod launch. I sat through lectures with my laptop, refreshing Engadget and Gizmodo, hoping to get a glimpse of what was coming. And it came alright, the 5th Gen iPod, or what many people like to call the iPod ‘Video’. But don’t think video. Think of it more as a music player with added video functionality. With this in mind, I’m going out on a limb to say that this is the closest thing I’ve seen to the perfect digital audio player for my needs.

The One-of-a-Kind Apple Packaging

For anyone who has ever purchased an Apple product, you’ll know that they pride themselves on the design of not only the product itself, but the packaging that it comes in. It’s sad but the packaging is almost as exciting as the actual thing it contains. But that’s the sort of feeling Apple wants to convey. They’re definitely eye-catchers, but in a subtle sort of way. They don’t scream out at you with flashiness, but merely draw your curiosity with the simple and elegant design, not that the Apple logo doesn’t count for something on its own…

The box is designed very nicely and everything fits together in the package. Before even opening it up, I noticed the relatively small size of the box. I had already read about what to expect with the iPod so I wasn’t shocked. Compared with my old 3G iPod, this box is tiny. The packaging has become a lot more efficient compared to before. As well, a wall power adapter is no longer included. If you want to charge up your new iPod, you’ll have to do it through your computer. Otherwise, you can purchase the optional USB wall adapter or you can use an old wall adapter if you have one. (I do! :))

Another surprising disappearance is the Firewire cable. Like the recent generation of iPods (I’m talking the Shuffle, Nano and now the full 5G) it doesn’t come with Firewire support. You can hook it up through a Firewire cable if you happen to have one from an older iPod, but it will only charge. The actual data transfer capability may have been disabled, or more likely, the firewire control chip has been scrapped to reduce cost. The truth is, Firewire isn’t much faster than USB at all and USB is a much more common interface on most computers.

You do however get a basic neoprene case which can provide some protection from the notorious scratching that is evident especially on the black iPod Nanos and now 5Gs. I’ll discuss this more later, but you can be assured my iPod will be staying very close to, or inside that case most of the time. I can say that even after one week, it scratches a lot easier than any device I’ve ever used before.


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