Another Crack at Linux

I’ve taken so many shots at getting linux to run properly on a system that it’s probably sad to even think about much. Now no one can really call themselves a computer geek without having used linux before. It’s like the initiation to the club. Seeing that I am in computer engineering after all, I wanted to get a decent idea of what I’m doing in linux. Since I have a lot more time over my co-op term, I decided it would be a prime opportunity to dabble in linux again. I once again hit my distro of choice (well, the only one I’ve found that doesn’t make me rip my hair out trying to get some piece of hardware to work) SuSE. They’ve released version 10.0 now and it does include quite a few improvements over what I remember SuSE being like (back at 9.2 I guess it was). Probably most importantly for a feldging linux-er, SuSE is a package based distro which means I can keep the compiling to a minimum, although I think it’s the console commands that really gives linux its non-userfriendly image. In fact, after adding a few repository, you can install much of anything you’ll ever want by just clicking a few buttons.

But one of the advantages of linux is its customizability. Of course one of the more popular themes for linux is the OS X style. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for OS aesthetics so I found a guide on modifying the default KDE style for a more Aqua look. I’ve made some changes to it to better suit my needs, but you’ll see I’ve taken some ideas. 😉

So the mandatory before and after pictures:


Original SuSE desktop


Modified desktop

Quite a change no? In any case, it’s still a very experimental option (the transparencies) and not very stable at all, so I’ve resorted to what you see in that last picture minus the transparencies. Quite a shame really, but the last time I tried this, I had system crashes so at least there’s been an improvement. I’ve been just about exclusively using SuSE these past few days now but I’ve yet to figure out how to watch my collection of AVIs… I’ll go digging for some third party codecs and whatnot.

So yeah, yeah, I’m sorry for not posting more, but I promise I will from now on. I’ve got a draft post still sitting there awaiting some spit and polish. It should be an enjoyable read once it’s done. It’s been awfully fun for me just thinking about it. (that sounded loserish…)


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  1. hey I didn’t know you have “a collection” of AVIs!!!!! What are they? And that FTP could be used to transfer AVIs right….:D I would love to take some AVIs on the PSP for train rides and especially boring classes. We should do some music trading via FTP too…I need some new listening (yes Rushan I’m still working on the Kings Singers) and I have some you might be interested in.

    btw…the bottom photo in your post is linked to the same one as above.

    I loved linux, the only problem for me really was if I needed something done quickly and didn’t have time to search for how to do it on the net. And then getting really frustrated etc… PLus I don’t have you to help me anymore:P

    I really would like to get a Mac laptop though…so I might not be using windows or linux soon:$

  2. Well, how about let’s discuss this sometime over MSN? 😉

    Then you’ll really have to get an FTP client. 😛 I’ve got a really simple one for you, I swear!

  3. I don’t understand. I already have an FTP client, and have downloaded two albums from it which Rushan uploaded…CuteFTP pro.

    And what are we discussing over MSN…plus you never come on so it’s hard to discuss anything:D

  4. Oh last time we talked, I thought you said you didn’t have an FTP client? And talk I mean.we’ll do the deal there. This is too conspicuous. 😉

    And I’m never on MSN? Well duh, I don’t get home until 6PM EST which is midnight over at your place…

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