Announcing – Charlie 2.0

It’s been just slightly over half a year since I released the previous design for this site. Today, I present to you what I’ve been working on, intermittently, for the past 5 months or so, ‘rc1’. To be honest, I was never terribly happy with the old design. At the time, I wanted something that was unique – I’d been using the Hemmed design that I had already released for use to all WordPress users. The theme, which I called ‘carbon’ at the time, was rushed out to fill that requirement. So about a month after that design was launched, I started work on something that I could be proud of. I named the design ‘rc1’ because it had that first release candidate feel – it was something I planned on using for this site, but I also wasn’t too certain of what I wanted the final product to look like. I did a lot searching through CSS galleries and gathered a lot of ideas. Plus is still is very much a work in progress. I plan on adding new features to it over the next little while, but the foundation is there.

In the meantime, I made quite a few changes to the existing carbon design. RC1 was looking delayed as I never really got much time to work on it towards the end of the study semester, and for the first couple months of the work semester this summer, I dreaded working on it. It seemed so far from completion and the act of fixing up all those little CSS formatting issues was tedious.

I made one final push on the design over the past 3 weeks or so and I’m launching the redesign of Random Process today. This design is something that I’m proud of. I’ve done a lot of bug-fixing over the past couple days and I think I’ve addressed most of them – definitely let me know if there’s something you see that’s out of whack. There are still a few things that I need to add, like a proper 404 page, but I imagine I’ll be able to get to that over the next few days.

rc1 design

I’d like to point out some of the improvements (aside from aesthetics) rc1 has over carbon:

  • Reduction of HTTP objects from ~36 down to 24. I should be able to get that down to 20 or less with a little more optimization.
  • Size reduced from ~135KB down to around 70KB.
  • Better content layout, easier navigation – asides have been moved more out of the way to the sidebar
  • Not completely broken in Internet Explorer 6 – carbon had some major issues with IE6

So if you’re reading this through a feed reader, you may want to pop into the site proper and take a look at the changes. I’d appreciate any comments, feedback, or bug reports.


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  1. No, it’s not publicly available yet. I’ll be sure to follow my regular process of releasing the design when I move to a new one for the site.

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