Announcement: Important Hemmed Update

Sorry everyone who’s been using the version 1.3 of the Hemmed theme. I was notified by a reader that there was a big problem with the LiveSearch function once you leave the main page. I’ve now fixed it and packaged the fix into a new version. You can grab it here. Once again, sorry about all this.


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  1. Iร‚ยดm using ver 1.0. of Hemmed theme. I dont have time to update to the latest version because I have translate the whole site to Swedish once. Is there some functions that is important/easy to update (just add or replace files) to version 1.0? My site works already fine ๐Ÿ™‚ What is livesearch?

    (sorry my english) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. When I get some time to sit down and view the code changes specifically, I’ll compile a list of code differences and send you an email detailing the changes. I wouldn’t want you to have to translate everything again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    LiveSearch is for non-IE browsers (it seems somewhat broken in IE) that allows you to type in a search string and have results returned to you right there without having to navigate to a new page for results.

  3. This theme is great. It was a great base for my new look. I didn’t want to take the time to completely remake my theme, so I just hacked the heck out of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Really liked your layout so I used it as the foundation for my own site. I had to turn off the search stuff and just use a basic search form … the code looked like it should be working, but I didn’t feel like debugging it either.

    Note that the way you handled Recent Posts in the bottom box area breaks PMetrics (Performancing Metrics). I had to switch over to using a plugin which added some syntax to retreieve recent posts without messing up the state variables of the page.

  5. Hmmmm… any idea what’s going on between the recent posts and the PMetrics? I’m not familiar with what PMetrics needs to read the stats and whatnot, but I can have a look at it.

  6. Basically the get_posts() loop over-rides the $post variables for the template context and that confuses PMetrics. I ended up using the Fuzzy Recent Posts plugin instead. Works fine.

  7. Ahhhh, okay. I see what you mean. Actually I think there’s another way around this problem. I’ll see if I can implement it a bit later when I have some more time to mess around with it. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. I tried a few work-arounds (incl. saving the posts state before diving into that loop) but there was always a case where it broke. Like viewing a category, for instance. Using a plug-in leaves all the template state untouched.

  9. I think if I use the get_archives function, I can just retrieve the last whatever number of posts without using the loop at all. I think it’s the loop in the main body and the second one in the bottom bar that’s messing it up.

  10. Yeah … the one in the bottom bar leaves the theme state variables at where ever they are whwn the last “recent post” is displayed.

    Seriously … since you already use plug-ins for some other things in that part of the layout it’s probably easier to do that for this case as well. I spent a couple hours trying to get around this with the services available at the theme context level and it just ain’t worth the pain.

  11. excellent theme! modified some stuff so it’d be a three column layout (don’t hit me.. please..).
    the detectbrowser.php wasn’t enough to catch any Livesearch problems in IE, so I went for the default search, no prob..
    one other thingy (nitpick anonymous, chairman Dutch division) – I changed the date format for the search result listing to m.d like the other dates..
    again, love the theme and I apreciate your work.


  12. Yeah, that’s due to the query_posts function in the Main Index Template. If you have a look at that, you’ll see that it is only allowing a maximum of 4 posts on the main page. I did that mostly because I didn’t want to show too many there.

    You can easily change that to whatever you like by passing in a different number of posts to show.

  13. I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean. Any archives page should use a template that displays a little bit of archives info on the left and the titles/categories/etc that are available from that specific time.

  14. Yep, I still haven’t had a chance to look at that and to be honest, I’m not much of a JS person. I’m not really even sure where to start… Probably something along the lines of the html object being called before it has been been initialized.

    I’ve been extremely busy with university and I’m not sure how much I time and effort I can truly dedicate to this project anymore. I’ll try to work a bit this weekend though to see if I can solve that problem.

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