And The MacBook

Well, it didn’t come out last Tuesday as the rumour had led us to believe, but it’s another Tuesday and another launch day for Apple. This time it’s the MacBook and in my opinion, one of the more attractive products they’ve launched in a while in terms of price/performance. With the student pricing (may as well take advantage of being a poor student right?) you can get a 13.3″ widescreen, 1.83GHz Core Duo, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD, CD-RW/DVD for $1200. That’s actually a pretty decent price, taking into account Apple’s typical pricing scheme. For some reason or another though, the laptop looks a little chunky. Like, they definitely should have been able to save a couple centimeters around the screen, which would have made it look a little less ‘fat’. I wonder if it scratches like the iPod Nano/Video as well. Still, with those gripes in mind, it’s a pretty nice looking piece of hardware. I guess I’ll admit that I’m pleasantly suprised by the fact that they didn’t totally rape us (the consumer) with prices. I’d bet most people were assuming they’d come with lower end CPUs for example (a la Mac Mini).

Anyways, it’s the end of the line for the PowerBooks. Apple’s got a pretty solid lineup going for them in the mobile space. I keep telling myself to hold out for Merom, which has been pushed forward. (excellent)


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  1. My mentality is that after a few months, you’ll always be technologically behind. May as well join in whenever. As soon as I get a hold of my sister (and her credit card) I’m buying one.

    I do have a dilemma though. I was planning on buying the 2.0 Ghz Core Duo White MacBook, w/ SuperDrive and upgraded 80 GB HDD and 1 GB RAM. However, since it does have FrontRow, I’m undecided if I truly need the SuprerDrive. While it, and the extra processor power, are nice, the extra money I can save is also nice. The thing is that the 1.83 model with the same HDD and RAM is only $144 less. Is $144 really worth it? Hmmmm…

  2. I would say go with the 1.83GHz. Allow me to explain my thought process.

    1) I realized the DVD burner is not that useful. First, it’s relatively slow on my laptop (8X) but even slower with the MacBook (4X). That means it’ll take you 15-20 minutes for a full DVD.

    2) The decrease in CPU speed is minimal and I’d challenge you to notice the difference in everyday use. No benchmarking, as that’s probably the only place you’ll notice a difference. You may even get slightly more battery life with the 1.83 as opposed to the 2.0.

    3) With the $144 you save, you could do one of two things.
    a) Pick up an external DVD burner, a nice dual layer 16X burner. Not only will you be able to burn a lot faster, you probably won’t be burning DVDs on battery power any time soon. That sucks power like you wouldn’t believe… The only time I’ve ever made a disk was at home, sitting at my desk, never on the go.
    b) The second, and the better idea in my opinion, is to get an external hard drive. I’ve got two external hard drives for my laptop now and I’d have to say it’s soooooooo useful. I’ve got a 200GB one sitting beside me right now and I keep all my TV shows and movies on it. If I’m going somewhere, I can load a couple videos on the laptop drive to watch or if I really need everything, I just take the whole thing. I’ll be honest, even an 80GB laptop drive (same as I’ve got here) will be way too small. An external’s really the only way to go if you’re heavy into multimedia. In which case, you could probably just keep the base 60GB and save that $60 (that’s just a terrible upgrade cost by the way, same for the RAM, you can buy a 1GB stick of SO-DIMM DDRII RAM probably got the $120 they’re asking for the upgrade to 1GB).

    So, I think the best way to go is for the 1.83GHz model. Just a better choice all around in my opinion.

  3. I’m going to cave. I’m going to buy the 2Ghz with 80 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM and SuperDrive. In white of course. Here’s my reasons why:

    1. This will be my primary, desktop replacement machine, so I want it to last me a long time.
    2. Even though I won’t notice the 177 extra Mhz, I will notice the SuperDrive, even if it is slow.
    3. I didn’t think I was going to be be burning a lot of DVDs because of FrontRow, but then my friend Nichole pointed out that I can now borrow DVDs from people or rent them, and then make copies of them.
    4. I’ve always wanted a DVD burner, so I know that if I don’t get it, I’ll be kicking myself later.
    I will say this though, for some odd reason, I like the look of “1.83 Ghz” over “2.0 GHz” when written down.

  4. You should definitely have a look at the heat problems I’ve been hearing/reading about. Seems like the MacBooks are heating up to very, very high temperatures. Like I’m talking actually getting burns on your lap temps.

  5. The more I think about it, the more I don’t know what to do. I’ve even started questioning my need for an 80 GB HDD over a 60 GB one. Afterall, with OS X, apps and files, I’d still have about 25 GB left over on the base 60. Hmmmmm. I’m so confused as to what to do.

  6. Ohhh… isn’t indecision just great? 😛 I’d have to say that 20GB isn’t worth the $50. I mean 25GB should be enough for music/pictures and whatnot and the added 20GB really isn’t enough to store any worthy amount of other media (I’m mostly thinking video). I’d say either get the just get the 60GB and be happy or get the 60GB and an external if you really want to store lots of media.

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