And So It Begins

This week is stupid. Yep, that’s right stupid. We just did a chemistry test last Friday and got it back today (wasn’t bad at all, got 98%) and then we’re going to have one on the next chapter this week. Kinda cramming I’d say huh? I’ve spent a good part of tonight studying for the calculus test tomorrow. We’re actually starting into the more interesting stuff now. We’re learning derivatives and how that can apply to real life. I spoke with my calc teacher today after class and I can understand why we have to do the monotenous stuff before we can get into the more interesting parts. We need to build a good foundation in limit skills before we can properly tackle derivatives. It doesn’t make the work any less boring from before, but at least I can have something to look forward to now.

Oh and I have a physics test on Thursday too. That I haven’t done too much for. I really need to hit up the practice problems I’ve got loads of in my binder. Seems like I’ve been neglecting my physics recently. Perhaps it’s cause of what we’re doing right now. We seemingly have to do the problems exactly how our teacher wants them. There’s no need to think outside the box; in fact we shouldn’t think outside the box. We get marks taken off for that now…

One bright point to today was that I found out I got 49/50 on my jazz solo transcription. I’m finding that I’m enjoying that class more and more recently. It seems like the band’s starting to get its stuff together and we’re playing more tunes. We even brought out Schmoozability and worked on it basically all class today. It’s an awesome piece but we had put it away cause we couldn’t play it before. Hopefully we’ll be able to play it for our final concert. It’ll definitely be impressive for the listeners (if we play it well that is =P).

Ahhh our final band concert. It’ll definitely be a sad one for most of us. I’ve been in band and basically with the same bunch for a good 6 years now. That’s a long time at this stage in my life. We’ve been on several band trips together and get up to rehearsh together multiple mornings per week. It’s definitely going to be different not playing with any of them after this year. It’ll be the last time I play in band of this sort. We were talking about it today at jazz rehearsal. Our band director was saying we’d be passing in our band uniforms soon after the concert and I it really struck me then that I would soon no longer be a part of this organization. Our jazz combo’s going to be playing at that concert as well. We’ll definitely make it good as I’m probably closest with that group. We spent our summers playing down at the Row; those were times I won’t soon forget.

Last week was like the calm before the storm. I had a relatively quiet time last week, but this week we’re paying for it bigtime. I kind of regret not having done more work when I had the time. Ah well, regrets don’t get you anything so I’ll push that thought out of my mind. I guess I can look forward to the Victoria Day long weekend after I’ve got all my tests out of the way and I’ll be able to relax again. Sleep is so enticing right now.

Oh, also, I’m the process of writing up a review of the Zen Micro I’ve got here. It’s a very nice little MP3 player and that’s coming from a person with an Ipod as well. But if you read my earlier posts, you’ll know my views on Apple… In any case, that’s an upcoming article and I’ll eventually get to doing that Linux tutorial as well. Oh, so much to do. These blog thingies are pretty addictive. 😉 But in a good way.

Well, I’m off to studying a bit more before I hit the hay. I won’t have gone to bed this early in a long while and I’m looking forward to it. Sweet dreams!



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