And It All Goes Wrong

Today was the first time I drove the Niagara Falls to Toronto stretch of highway. Since moving to Ontario a bit more than a year ago, I have not driven much outside of the Niagara Region. But today, partly out of necessity (I didn’t feel like taking the bus back) I decided to drive. To be honest, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined. Traffic wasn’t too heavy though and the drive was pretty smooth. So 400 series highways, I laugh in your face. 🙂

As I suspected, my devious plans for world domination (or simply referred to as Project Get-a-cool-cell-phone in its current incarnation) was partially shot down by the folks. After all, it’s pretty tough to argue against the people who will be paying most of the cell phone bills. Their argument is pretty valid I must admit. I had originally planned to buy a Nokia N73 unlocked and unbranded from some random import place. Alas, my parents didn’t feel too good parting with $600 for a potentially very costly paper weight. They suggested that since I had not seen either the N73 or the Sony Ericsson K790a to go take a look at the K790 to see if that wouldn’t suffice. I’m sure glad I did.

My last attempt at getting my hands on a K790 at a Rogers store didn’t go too well. A couple days after the phone was launched, I went into a Rogers Plus, inquiring about the phone and whether they had a demo model of it. I got a quick ‘no we don’t have it, but come back in three weeks and we might then’ answer. I took that as my cue to buzz off and that I did. As a result, I wasn’t feeling too confident that I would be able to find one in the region this weekend. A trip to another dealer netted me the result I wanted. A quick glance through the display and I saw the K790 in all its glory.

Let me put it this way, if you want a flashy phone, don’t get this one; go get a RAZR (…) or something and be happy. Instead this looks like something one could pull out of a business suit without having others laugh. They keypad felt absolutely solid and the brushed aluminum on the front really added a nice luxurious feel to the device. A quick glance through the menus left me in awe of the amazing display. And for the piece de resistance, I slid down the camera lens cover and took a couple shots. The lens cover didn’t feel loose at all like I had read. The build quality felt excellent. It was love at first sight.

Still, since I’m currently working at Bell (I know, I know, what blasphemy for me to be looking at Rogers) I hardly need another cell phone on me, much less to pay for service I don’t (yet) need. I made the motion to leave, but the dealer wouldn’t have it. He fully intended to let me leave only when I had subscribed to a Rogers Wireless plan. After some more talk, he made an offer I could not refuse. So I would set the account to activate only next month, saving me a month’s worth of charges. It looked like I would once more be making an impulse buy; initially visiting the store to find out more about their plans and walking out with a Sony Ericsson K790 and a new Rogers Wireless plan. So what goes wrong then?

Well, try as he might, the dealer couldn’t activate the account for us. No number of calls into Rogers support or redoing the application solved that problem. After a while, it was obvious it just wasn’t working and he came back to us dejected. After a long discussion and not wanting us to leave without a subscription, he couldn’t activate an account. He apologized quite sincerely for the mishap. But no worries, since I didn’t want to actually start the service until next month, I told him I’d be back at a later date and got his card.

Oh, I will be back there, no doubt about it.

On another topic, I resuscitated my Oblivion DVD over the weekend and just finished installing the game on the new computer so I’m going to take a look and see what this computer’s capable of. Excuse me if I forget that Oblivion is not the real world. 😉


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  1. “Excuse me if I forget that Oblivion is not the real world.”


    Kidding. Did a major mod overhaul the other day…really improves the game.

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