And I Never Thought I’d Make It

Well, I never thought this day would come, but it finally has. Actually, this is really a few days late since basically I was free of the chains starting Friday around noon. But of course, I would have seemed extremely anti-social if I had of spent that day writing in my blog. Even I have limits you know. 😉 Friday night was pretty crazy, although not as crazy as some of the stories I later heard about what happened that night in other parts of the university. We won�t get into that�

I spent a good portion of yesterday packing up all of my stuff in preparation for moving out. I was extremely surprised at just how much stuff I brought to my dorm. I brought stuff that I didn�t even know I brought. As I was folding all my clothes, I dug up so many shirts and stuff that I didn�t even know I had. I am glad, however, that I did not bring a desktop. I saw numerous parents lugging huge computer cases around.

As people were leaving they would all come down to my room and say a little goodbye until next semester (hopefully�) and it was actually pretty sad to think that I won�t be able to see them for 4 months. I�m going to be living in res again next semester since it was just the most convenient route to take for my work semester, but none of them will be back. It�ll be interesting to see how I got eat with, hang around with and all. Four months isn�t really that long and it definitely feels like I just met all of those people yesterday, but we�ve shared (nearly) the same experience and we�ve really grown close.

So this is just a short little update before my laptop goes under the knife. And by under the knife I mean it�s going down for a backing up and then a reformat. I�ve also got to go see if I can�t get linux working on this thing again. I didn�t have time before to fool around too much, but oh, it feels so nice to have all the time in the world right now.


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  1. Funny because while you were in the middle of exams I had all the time in the world and was totally lazy. Now that you’re done of exams I have zero time and am getting completely owned by life:P If you have all this time…WHERE ARE THE POSTS TO SHOW FOR IT?????

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